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Fred Miller passed away Feb. 9, 2018. We will continue to maintain this website - which represents a vast trove of his work over many years - so that you may continue to be blessed by Fred's extensive research and insight. You will find his obituary here.

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The Two Most Important Studies on This Site

Commentary on Isaiah In-depth verse-by-verse study of Isaiah

The Great Isaiah Scroll Directory of Qumran Dead Sea Scroll

Commentaries and Studies

Pesher to Habakkuk Analysis of a Qumran Commentary
A Panorama Of the Gospel Age A Commentary on Revelation
Commentary on Zechariah Backgrounds and study of Zechariah
Acts: A Commentary by Charles Dailey edited by Fred P. Miller
Genesis One A Commentary
Commentary on Micah
A New Commentary on Ezra
Commentary on Jeremiah (unfinished)
Commentary on Ezekiel
Moellerhaus Revised KJV
The Moeller Family
Charlotte's Art Work
Resources in Bible and Ancient History Classical History and Classical Christian Literature

Special Topics

The Shekinah

Commentary on Genesis One

The Seventy week Prophecy

The Beast and 666

The Scarlet Woman

The Amazing Predictions of Robert Fleming

The Nazarene Branch Isaiah's Use of the Word Nazar

The 2300 Day Prophecy

Thinking on Drinking: A new look at an old problem

The Eunuch's Confession Is Acts 8:37 in original text?

Christian Attitudes and Racial Problems

A News Article Predating the Fall of the USSR

Supplemental Articles Who wrote Hebrews etc.

Is Cannabis in Ex 30:23

Psalms 22:16/17 Pierced or Lion?

Mars as a Source of the Water for Noah's Flood

Job 13:15 Beyond Faith

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