IN the concluding chapter of his "Reminiscences" my father says: -

"One thing more. With memory undimmed, and - but for some small infirmities - with health unimpaired; with winsome studies awaiting me; and attached friends and loving relatives ready to welcome any service I can yet render them - there is but one word that offers itself for the close of these "Reminiscences," and that is the unromantic word

This was written in 1906, and in order to make the biography as complete as possible I have added some details regarding the remaining years of my father's life, with such additions in other portions of the narrative as seemed likely to be of general interest.

This expansion of my father's "Reminiscences" has involved some research and a good deal of correspondence, and it is a pleasure to acknowledge my indebtedness to those whose names are mentioned in the following list and to others whose names may not appear, but to whom my thanks are due.

For the loan of Harbinger volumes for the years 1854-1856 I am indebted to Mr. R.W. Black, of London, and for the loan of Christian Advocate volumes to Mr. J. Brooker, of Uckfield. Thanks are tendered also to Mr. J.T. Burton, of Liverpool, for the sight of Francis Hill's diary and for some voluminous notes regarding articles written by my father in the above-mentioned magazines.

To Mr. William Crockatt, of Glasgow, I am grateful for some very interesting notes regarding my father's labours in Scotland.

To Mr. Davies, of Wem; Mr. Phillips, of Newtown; Mr. Peter Stephen, of Mollington; Mr. D. Williams, of Criccieth; Mr. Fleming, of Bathgate; Mr. W. Abercrombie, of Beeston; Mr. Robb, of Perth; Mr. Ford, of Bath; Mr. Flisher and Mr. C. Green, of Manchester; Mr. J. Coop and

Mr. F. Coop, of Southport; and Miss Brownlee, of Kirkby, I am under obligation for information kindly supplied.

To Mrs. Batten, of Southport, thanks are due for the loan of a photo of her father, the late Robert Black, of London.

The tribute recently received from Dr. Campbell Morgan (and incorporated in the section of the work in which reference is made to the Westminster Bible School) will be read with much interest, and thanks are tendered to Dr. Morgan for his kindly words of appreciation.

To the writers of the "Tributes" which appear in the Appendix to the work cordial thanks must also be expressed.

Mr. Hesketh, of Messrs. Bradbury, Agnew, and Co., has sent me some valued notes regarding my father's printing office experiences; Mr. Peek, of Catford, has made useful suggestions; and to my friend and colleague, Mr. S. Coleman, I am indebted for kindly help in matters relating to the printing of the work.

To Mr. Albert Brown and the Publishing Committee of the Churches of Christ my acknowledgements are made for kindly co-operation in the printing of the early chapters of the work in the Christian Advocate; and this acknowledgment should include also thanks to the printers of the work (Messrs. Hudson and Son, of Birmingham), for care and skill in their part of the undertaking.

It is hoped that this endeavour to give a connected view of a strenuous life, marked by concentration of purpose and, even in extreme old age, by somewhat unusual willingness to learn, may prove of interest to those who knew personally the author of these "Reminiscences," and also to the ever-increasing company of Bible students on both sides of the Atlantic, and in many other parts of the world, who find in my father's printed works stimulus and help in their Biblical studies.


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