The Son of God Text in Pseudo Daniel or 4Q246

The first line in the left hand or 2nd column has the words Son of God and Son of the Most High in Aramaic.

col. l

1 [. . .] settled upon him and he fell before the throne
2 [. . .] eternal king. You are angry and your years
3 [. . .] they will see you, and all shall come for ever.
4 [. . .] great, oppression will come upon the earth
5 [. . .] and great slaughter in the city
6 [. . .] king of Assyria and of Egypt
7 [. . .] and he will be great over the earth 8 [. . .] they will do, and all will serve
9 [. . .] great will he be called and he will be designated by his name
(DSST, 138).

Col. II
1 He will be called son of God, and they will call him son of the Most High. Like the sparks
2 of a vision, so will their kingdom be; they will rule several years over
3 the earth and crush everything; a people will crush another people, and a city another city.
4 Blank Until the people of God arises and makes everyone rest from the sword.
5 His kingdom will be an eternal kingdom, and all his paths in truth and uprigh[tness].
6 The earth (will be) in truth and all will make peace. The sword will cease in the earth,
7 and all the cities will pay him homage. He is a great God among the gods (?).
8 He will make war with him; he will place the peoples in his hand and cast away everyone before him.
9 His kingdom will be an eternal kingdom, and all the abysses
(DSST, 138).

Hebrew Transscrption of 4Q246