4Q88 is a copy of the book of Psalms, but in addition to psalms known from the Bible, it includes works new to us. Just before the apocryphal psalms translated below, this scroll contains an Address to Zion, which has been preserved virtually intact in another Dead Sea Scroll, 11Q5 (see text 127). Preceding the Address is Psalm 109. Thus, the order in 4Q88 is: Psalm 109, Address to Zion, Psalm on the Last Days, and Address to Judah (the latter two given below). This scroll, and several others like it such as llQ5, suggest that the precise order and content of the book of Psalms was not yet fixed when the scrolls were written.

A psalm on the Last Days, celebrating the wondrousfruifulness expectea! in that time.

Col. 9 4[ . . . ] Then shall they extol Sthe name of the LORD, [fo]r He comes to judge 6every wo[r]k, to make an end of the wicked 7from upon the earth: Evil [men] shall no more 8be found. The heavens [shall give] their dew, 9no ev[il within] their [boun]ds; the earth [offer up] fruits in season, its [pro]duce llnever short; fruit trees, i2their cr[op] in their vineyards, 3their [spring]s never failing. The poor 4shall eat, they who [fe]ar the LORD, be satisfied.

An address to Judah. The Address to Zion, in text 127, is similarly addressed to a place.

Col. 10 [ . . . ] So, let heaven and earth praise 6as one, let all the twilight stars give praise! 7Rejoice, O Judah, rejoice, rejoice and be very glad! 9Make your pilgrimages, fulfill your vows for Belial is nowhere to be found. Lift your hand on high, fortify your right hand: behold, enemies 12have perished, all who work evil been scattered.: i3For You, O LORD, are etern[al], 14Your glory enduring foreve[r and ev]er. 

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