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Robert Jamieson, A. R. Fausset and David Brown
Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible (1871)

by DAVID BROWN-Enlarged and edited by Fred P Miller

      Certainty in these dates is not to be had, the notes of time in the Acts being few and vague. It is only by connecting those events of secular history which it records, and the dates of which are otherwise tolerably known to us--such as the famine under Claudius Cæsar (Ac 11:28), the expulsion of the Jews from Rome by the same emperor (Ac 18:2), and the entrance of Porcius Festus upon his procuratorship (Ac 24:27), with the intervals specified between some occurrences in the apostle's life and others (such as Acts 20:31; Acts 24:27; 28:30; and Ga 1:1,2 ; Gal 1:17,18 and Gal 1:21)--that we can thread our way through the difficulties that surround the chronology of the apostle's life, and approximate to certainty. Immense research has been brought to bear upon the subject, but, as might be expected, the learned are greatly divided. Every year has been fixed upon as the probable date of the apostle's conversion from A.D. 31 [BENGEL] to A.D. 42 [EUSEBIUS]. But the weight of authority is in favor of dates ranging between 35 and 40, a difference of not more than five years; and the largest number of authorities is in favor of the year 37 or 38. Taking the former of these, to which opinion largely inclines, the following Table will be useful to the student of apostolic history:

A.D. 40 First Visit to Jerusalem Ac 9:26; Ga 1:17,18.
A.D. 42-44 First Residence at Antioch Ac 11:25-30.
A.D. 44 Second Visit to Jerusalem Acts 11:30; Acts 12:25.
A.D. 45-47 FIRST MISSIONARY JOURNEY Ac 13:2; to Acts14:26.
A.D. 47-51 Second Residence at Antioch Ac 14:28.
  Third Visit to Jerusalem Ac 15:2-30; Ga 2:1-10.
(on which see Notes)
A.D. 51,53, or 54 SECOND MISSIONARY JOURNEY Ac 15:36-40; to Acts 18:22.
A.D. 53 or 54 Fourth Visit to Jerusalem Ac 18:21,22.
  Third Residence at Antioch Ac 18:22,23.
A.D. 54-58 THIRD MISSIONARY JOURNEY Ac 19:1ff to Acts 21:15.
A.D. 54
Arrives at Ephesus completes conversion of 12 disciples Acts 19:1-7
A.D. 55-57
Taught in Ephesus in School of Tyrannus 2 years Acts 19:10
A.D. 57-58
Second visit to Corinth and return via Troas and Philippi Acts 20:1-5
A.D. 57-58
Troas estb. before 2nd visit communed with after 2nd visit 2 Cor 2:12,13; Acts 20:5-7
A.D. 57-58
Final Plan for Second visit to Corinth from Philippi 2Cor 12:14; 2Cor 13:1
A.D. 58 Last Instructions to Ephesian Elders at Miletus Acts 20:17-38.
A.D. 58 Fifth Visit to Jerusalem Ac 21:15 .
A.D. 58
Arrest and Imprisonment and first trial at Jerusalem Acts 22:25-23:11
A.D. 58-60
Trials at Cæsarea Acts 24-26
A.D. 60-63
Taken from Cæsarea to Rome for Trial, Residence at Rome Acts 27:1-28:31
A.D. 63-66 Release from Imprisonment vists Crete with Titus,
Winters in Nicopolis in Dalmatia
Visits Spain?
Titus 1:5; Titus 3:12
A.D.66,68 Rearressted, Martyrdom at Rome 2 Tim 4:6ff See Fox Martyrs

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Robert Jamieson, A. R. Fausset and David Brown
Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible (1871)