Jehoiachin is known by three names in the Bible, they are Jehoiachin, Jeconiah, and Coniah.

Jehoiachin is the grandson of Josiah, His father, whom he succeeded, was Jehoiakim. Four kings followed Josiah. They are his son 1. Jehoahaz also known as Shallum who was deposed almost immediately by Pharaoh Necco who then placed 2. Eliakim on the throne and changed his name to Jehoiakim. Upon his death 3. Jehoiachin his son took the throne for about three months when Nebuchadnezzar arrived and took him captive

Jehoiachin: Under this name:

2 Kings 24:6-16 gives the details of his capture and those who went with him to Babylon
He reigned in Jerusalem three months. He was the last of the line of David to occupy the throne.

2Ki 24:8 Jehoiachin was eighteen years old when he began to reign, and he reigned in Jerusalem three months. 9 And he did that which was evil in the sight of the LORD, according to all that his father had done. 10 At that time the servants of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came up against Jerusalem, and the city was besieged. 12 And Jehoiachin the king of Judah went out to the king of Babylon, he, and his mother, and his servants, and his princes, and his officers: and the king of Babylon took him in the eighth year of his reign. {his reign: Nebuchadnezzar's eighth year} 13 And he carried out thence all the treasures of the house of the LORD, and the treasures of the king's house, and cut in pieces all the vessels of gold which Solomon king of Israel had made in the temple of the LORD, as the LORD had said. 14 And he carried away all Jerusalem, and all the princes, and all the mighty men of valor, even ten thousand captives, and all the craftsmen and smiths: none remained, save the poorest sort of the people of the land. 15 And he carried away Jehoiachin to Babylon, and the king's mother, and the king's wives, and his officers, and the mighty of the land, those carried he into captivity from Jerusalem to Babylon. 16 And all the men of might, even seven thousand, and craftsmen and smiths a thousand, all that were strong and apt for war, even them the king of Babylon brought captive to Babylon. (see under Jeconiah Jer 24:1 below)

2 Kings 25 27-30 says: (37 years later) 27"And it came to pass in the thirty seventh year of the captivity of Jehoiachin king of Judah, in the twelfth month, on the twenty seventh day of the month, that in the year that Evilmerodach began to reign" that the Babylonian king made Jehoiachin part of his court with a good position and a stipend.

2 Chronicles 36:8-10 gives a brief description of his three month reign and notes he was eight years old.

Jeremiah 52: 31 And it came to pass in the thirty seventh year of the captivity of Jehoiachin king of Judah, in the twelfth month, in the twenty fifth day of the month, that Evilmerodach king of Babylon in the first year of his reign lifted up the head of Jehoiachin king of Judah, and brought him out of prison, 32And spoke kindly to him, and set his throne above the throne of the kings who were with him in Babylon,

Coniah: Under this name:

Jeremiah 22:24-30 Jeremiah here calls him Coniah and states that he with his mother and others would die in Babylon and never return to Israel. He is to be considered Childless, in that none of his children will sit on the throne and rule. The fulfillment is seen in his uncle succeeding him and after the return from Babylon there was no King in Jerusalem, however, Zerubbabel the governor was a descendent of Jehoiachin. After the Maccabean wars There was a king in Jerusalem but they were not of David's line. They were Hasmonians descended from the father of the Maccabees, Mattathias Hasmon. Thus no son of Jehoiachin ever ruled as a king. He is therefore the last of the lineage of David to rule on a throne.

Jer 22:24 As I live, saith the LORD, though Coniah the son of Jehoiakim king of Judah were the signet upon my right hand, yet would I pluck thee thence; 25 And I will give thee into the hand of them that seek thy life, and into the hand of them whose face thou fearest, even into the hand of Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon, and into the hand of the Chaldeans. 26 And I will cast thee out, and thy mother that bare thee, into another country, where ye were not born; and there shall ye die. 27 But to the land whereunto they desire to return, thither shall they not return. 28 Is this man Coniah a despised broken idol? is he a vessel wherein is no pleasure? wherefore are they cast out, he and his seed, and are cast into a land which they know not? 29 O earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the LORD. 30 Thus saith the LORD, Write ye this man childless, a man that shall not prosper in his days: for no man of his seed shall prosper, sitting upon the throne of David, and ruling any more in Judah.

Jeremiah 37:1 And king Zedekiah the son of Josiah reigned instead of Coniah the son of Jehoiakim, whom Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon made king in the land of Judah.

Jeconiah Under this name:

1Ch 3:16 And the sons of Jehoiakim: Jeconiah his son, Zedekiah his son. 17 And the sons of Jeconiah; Assir, Salathiel (Salathiel: Heb. Shealtiel) his son,18 Malchiram also, and Pedaiah, and Shenazar, Jecamiah, Hoshama, and Nedabiah.(Zerubbabel was the son of Salathiel but 1Ch 3:19 says" And the sons of Pedaiah were, Zerubbabel...:" It is thought that Zerubbabel is the son of Salathiel but was raised in the house of his uncle Pedaiah. Assir as a person is unknown and the word means "prisoner" so some translate "Jeconiah the prisoner" Jeconiah had a son Zedekiah and an uncle Zedekiah, the latter succeeded him.

Es 2:6 (Mordecai's ancesters) Who had been carried away from Jerusalem with the captivity which had been carried away with Jeconiah king of Judah, whom Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon had carried away. (This was the second stage of the captivity (595 or 596 BC) in which Ezekiel also went captive.)

Jer 24:1 The LORD showed me, and, behold, two baskets of figs were set before the temple of the LORD, after that Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon had carried away captive Jeconiah the son of Jehoiakim king of Judah, and the princes of Judah, with the carpenters and smiths, from Jerusalem, and had brought them to Babylon. (Note that artisans were a part of this forced emigration.)

Jer 27:19 For thus says the LORD of hosts concerning the pillars, and concerning the sea, and concerning the bases, and concerning the residue of the vessels that remain in this city, 20 Which Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon did not take when he carried away captive, Jeconiah the son of Jehoiakim king of Judah from Jerusalem to Babylon, and all the nobles of Judah and Jerusalem; (Note that the rest of the Nobles were taken at this time,-- many nobles including Daniel and his friends went in the first stage in 606 BC see Dan 1:1 including the first part of the vessels of the Temple.)

Jer 28:4 And I will bring again to this place Jeconiah the son of Jehoiakim king of Judah, with all the captives of Judah, that went into Babylon, says the LORD: for I will break the yoke of the king of Babylon, (This was uttered by the false prophet Hananiah)

Jer 29:1 Now (this is letter) that Jeremiah the prophet sent from Jerusalem to the residue of the elders ... and to the priests, and the prophets, and all the people whom Nebuchadnezzar had carried away captive from Jerusalem to Babylon; 2 After Jeconiah the king, and the queen, and the eunuchs, the princes of Judah and Jerusalem, and the carpenters, and smiths, were departed from Jerusalem; ... Saying 4 Thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, to all ... whom I have caused to be carried away from Jerusalem to Babylon; 5 Build houses, and dwell in them; and plant gardens, and eat the fruit of them; 6 Take wives, and beget sons and daughters; and take wives for your sons, and give your daughters to husbands, that they may bear sons and daughters; that you may increase there, and not diminish. 7 And seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray to the LORD for it: for in the peace of that city you shall have peace.