Darius II Nothus
Darius II (Old Persian Dârayavauš): was a son of the Persian king Artaxerxes I and his Babylonian concubine Cosmartidene. His real name was Ochus. When his father died in December 424, his crown prince Xerxes II ascended to the throne, but he was killed by his half brother Sogdianus, who called himself king. In his turn, he was killed by Ochus, who became king in February 423 and called himself Darius II. (It is unclear why the Greeks called him Nothos.) He had some experience as a ruler, because he had been satrap of Hyrcania.

As a king, Darius II had to suppress several rebellions of satraps, and lost Egypt in 410. His Greek policy was more successful: he promised money to the warring cities Sparta and Athens, and in return gained influence in the Greek towns in Asia. After his death in 404, his sons Artaxerxes II and Cyrus II started a civil war.