Transcription of the Great Isaiah Scroll.
Page 30: Isaiah 36:20 - 37:24

The lines here correspond to to the same lines in the actual scroll the text on this page is in 14 point type. But not bold due to the extra width of the page so as to keep the letters of each line on the corresponding line. Chapters are marked with Roman numerals. Letters and words edited by a scribe above the line to correct the text are in nine point type and missing and doubtful letters are in eleven point type . 4 to 5 letter spaces between words mark the verses. These do not always appear in the text. [] equals an omission. x underline is a cross out, erasure or write over or ink blot. Compare comments on text in my CD for different readings. sic indicates a spatium in the text not related to current verse. A dot in a letter indicates some other obscure mark associated. A dotted letter indicates the scribe dotted the letter to show a mistake.

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