Transcription of the Great Isaiah Scroll.
Page 35: Isaiah 41:23 - 42:17

The lines here correspond to the same lines in the actual scroll the test is 14 point type Chapters are marked with Roman numerals. Letters and words edited by a scribe above the line to correct the text are in nine point type and missing and doubtful letters are in eleven point type . 4 to 5 letter spaces between words mark the verses. These do not always appear in the text. [] equals an omission. x underline is a cross out, erasure or write over or ink blot. Compare comments on text in my CD for different readings. sic indicates a spatium in the text sometimes not related to current verse. A dot in a letter indicates some other obscure mark associated. A dotted letter indicates the scribe dotted the letter to show a mistake. Difficult to see dots on line 14 are in the text. Line 15 has 4 x's indicating an unusual marking. Between the last 2 words YHWH appears in the M text but is missing here leading some to believe a form of the tetragrammaton was written and later erasures extend over the whole area. But see my comments on this page of the scroll.

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