Fred Miller's English Translation of the Greek Septuagint Version of the Hebrew Scriptures

This is an English translation of the Septuagint Version of Isaiah translated by Jews in Alexandria about 285 BC. The Isaiah text differs greatly from the received Hebrew text called "Masoretic" meaning traditional. I disagree with those few "scholars" who say that the translators must have had a different source text called a "vorlage." Read my article on the "Vorlage" for more information and evidence of reasons why the text differs from the received Hebrew text.

I have added editorial comments in italics especially where the translators used Hebraisms and also where they used the phrase "ego eimi" which I have writtten as "I AM" which is a clear reference to YHWH of the bush and the phrase used by Jesus to identify himself infuriated Jews who believed that Jesus was blasphemously identifying himself with YHWH of the burning bush.

Isaiah 1. The vision that Isaiah the son of Amoz saw, which he saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem in the reign of Uzziah, Jothan, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, who reigned over Judah. 2. Hear heaven and listen earth, because the Lord speaks, I have begotten and raised up sons but they rejected me. 3. Cattle know their owner and the ass his lord's stall but Israel does not know me and the people do not understand me. 4.Woe sinful nation, a people full of sin, a wicked seed, lawless sons, you have forsaken the Lord and angered the holy one of Israel. 5. Would you be struck any more adding lawlessness, the whole head is in pain, and the whole heart is in sadness. 6. From the foot to the head' neither trauma, wound nor festering plague are healed, nor is salve spread on nor olive oil nor bandaged up. 7. Your land is desolate and your towns are burned with fire, foreigners devour your land in your presence and strangers lay it waste turning over its stones. 8. And the daughter of Zion is forsaken like a tent in a vineyard and like a garden shed in a cucumber field, and like a besieged city. 9. And except the Lord of hosts had left us a seed we would have become like Sodom and we would have been compared to Gomorrah. 10. Hear the word of the Lord rulers of Sodom, consider the law of God people of Gomorrah. 11. What is the multitude of your sacrifices to me says the Lord. I am full of burnt offerings of rams and fat of lambs and I do not desire the blood of bulls and goats. 12. And when you would come to see me; for who has sought for these things out of your hand to trample my courtyard. 13. Even if you would give bearing fine flour, it is vain, Incense is an abomination to me. I can not bear your new moons and the Sabbaths and the great day, nor your fasting and rest days. 14. And my soul hates your new moons and your festivals, you have become a trouble to me, I will no longer forgive your sins. 15. When you stretch out your hands to me I will turn back my eyes from you and if you increase your plea I will not hear you because your hands are full of blood. 16. Wash yourselves and become clean, take the evil away from your souls from before my eyes, cease from your evil. 17. Learn to do good, diligently seek justice, deliver the ill treated ones, seek justice for the orphan and treat the widow righteously. 18. Come near and let us converse with one another says the Lord, and if your sins are dark red they shall be made as white as snow, and if they are like crimson they shall be as wool. 19. And if you are willing and listen to me you shall eat the good things of the earth. 20. But if you are not willing and will not listen to me a sword shall devour you for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it. 21. How has the faithful city of Zion become a harlot? She was full of judgment and righteousness rested in her but now murderers. 22. Your silver is worthless and your merchants mix wine with water. 23. Your rulers are disobedient, partners of thieves, lovers of gifts, seeking bribes, they do not comfort orphans nor seek justice for widows with care. 24. Because of this very thing the despotic Lord of hosts says, Woe to the strong ones in Israel because I will not cause my fury to cease against those hostile, and I will make a decision against my enemies. 25. And I will put my hand on you and burn you into purity but I will utterly destroy the disobedient and take away all the lawless from you and I will humble all the arrogant. 26 And I will restore your judges as at the first and your counselors as they were from the beginning and with these things you shall be called the righteous city, the faithful metropolis of Zion. 27. For her captivity shall be saved with judgment and mercy. 28. And the lawless and sinners shall be broken in pieces together and those forsaking the Lord shall cease to exist. 29. And they shall be ashamed of their idols which they desired and they shall be ashamed of their gardens which they lusted after. 30. For they shall be like a teribinth tree casting off leaves and like an unwatered paradise. 31. And their strong shall be like trodden down straw and their business like a spark of fire and the lawless and the sinners shall be burned up together and it shall not be extinguished.

Isaiah 2. 1. The word which came from the Lord to Isaiah the son of Amoz concerning Judah and concerning Jerusalem. 2. It shall be in the last days that the mountain of the Lord and the house of God shall be made visible on the most highest and it shall be exalted above the hills and all nations shall enter into it. 3. And many nations shall come and say, Come and we will go up into the mountain of the Lord and into the house of the God of Jacob and he will announce to you his way and we will walk in it for the law shall go out of Zion and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. 4. And he shall judge in the midst of the nations and shall rebuke many people and they shall cut up their swords in to plows and their spears into sickles and they shall not take a sword again, nation against nation and they will not learn war again. 5. And now O house of Jacob, come and we will walk in the light of the Lord. 6. For he has left his people the house of Israel because their land is filled as from the beginning with destinations like the foreigners (The LXX never uses the word Philistines) and many foreign children were born to them. 7. For their land is filled with silver and gold and there is no number to their treasures and the land is full of horses and their chariots are without number. 8. And the land is filled with the abominations of the works of their hands and they worship that which their fingers have made. 9. And mankind stoops down and humanity is brought low and I will not forgive them. 10. And now enter into the rock and hide in the earth from the face of the fear of the Lord and from the glory of his power when he shall rise to traumatize the earth. 11. For the eyes of the Lord are exalted but mankind is humble and the high rank of mankind shall have been brought low and only the Lord shall be exalted in that day. 12. For the day of the Lord of hosts shall be on every insolent and arrogant person and on every one high and lifted up and they shall have been brought low. 13. And upon every exalted cedar of Lebanon and on all fruit trees of Bashan. 14. And upon every mountain and all high hills. 15. And upon every high tower and every high wall, 16. And upon every ship of the sea (Hebrew: ships of Tarshish) and upon every beautiful goddess ship. 17. And mankind shall be brought low and the highness of men shall fall and only the Lord shall be exalted in that day. 18. And every hand made idol shall be hidden. 19. Having carried them into caves and clefts of the rocks and into the caverns of the earth from the face of the fear of the Lord and from the glory of his power when he shall rise to traumatize the earth. 20. For in that day a man shall cast his silver and gold abominations which they made to worship to the emptiness and to the bats. 21. To enter into the caverns of the solid rocks and into the clefts of the rocks from the face of the fear of the Lord and from the glory of his power when he shall rise to traumatize the earth.

Isaiah 3. 1. Behold then the despotic Lord of hosts shall take away from Judah and from Jerusalem the strong male and the strong female, the strength of bread and the strength of water. 2. The great and the mighty men and the man of war and the judge and the prophet and the counselor and elder. 3. And the captain of fifty and the great adviser and the wise architect and the intelligent listener. 4. And I will place youths as their rulers and mockers shall lord over them. 5. And the people shall fall man against man and man against his neighbor, the child shall strike against the elder, the base against the honorable. 6. Because a man shall take hold of his brother of his father's house and say you have clothes. You become our ruler and my sustenance shall be on you. 7. And answering he shall say in that day I am not a ruler for there is not bread or clothes in my house. I will not be a ruler of this people. 8. Because Jerusalem has been ruined and Judah has collapsed and their tongues are with lawlessness, disobeying things against the Lord so that their glory has been brought down. 9. And the appearance of their faces stands against them. Indeed their sin is proclaimed and made apparent like Sodom. Woe to their soil because they take evil counsel on themselves. 10. Saying, Let us bind the righteous man because he is useless to us; therefore the offspring of their works are consumed. 11. Woe to the lawless, the evil from the works or his own hands shall happen to him. 12. O my people, Your officers reap from you and those taking away from you lord over you. O my people, those making you happy deceive you and distress the pathway of your feet. 13. But now the Lord will stand up in judgment and he will establish his people in justice. 14. The Lord himself will enter into judgment with the elders of the people and with their rulers. 15. But why have you set on fire my vineyard and the plunder of the poor is in your houses. 16. Thus says the Lord the daughters of Zion are arrogant and they walk with arrogant necks and with eye signs and with the movement of the feet together with pulling their clothes and with playing with their feet. 17. And God will humble the high positioned daughters of Zion and the Lord will uncover their manner. 18. In that day the Lord will take away the glory of their clothing and their worldliness, the curls, the fringes, and the crescents. 19. And the chains and the worldliness of their faces. 20. And the combination of the worldly glory and the bracelets and the anklets and wreathed work and the rings for the right hand. 21, and the ear-rings, and the garments with scarlet borders, and the garments with purple grounds, 22. and the shawls to be worn in the house, and the Spartan transparent dresses, and those made of fine linen, and the purple ones, and the scarlet ones, 23. and the fine linen, interwoven with gold and purple, and the light coverings for couches. 24. And instead of a sweet smell, dust. And instead of a belt a rope. And instead of the worldly golden head, you will have baldness because of your works; and instead of a tunic of mixed purple you shall wrap yourself in sack cloth. 25. And your beautiful son whom you love shall fall by the sword and your strong ones shall fall by the sword. 26. And the containers of your worldliness shall be humbled and saddened and you shall be abandoned alone and be slain in the earth.

Isaiah 4. 1. And seven women shall take hold of one man and saying we will eat our own bread and we will clothe ourselves with our own clothes only let your name be called on us. Take away our disgrace. 2. And in that day God shall shine in council with glory on the exalted earth and will glorify the remnant of Israel. 3. And it shall be that the remnant left in Zion and the remnant left in Jerusalem shall be called holy; all the ones written in Zion in Jerusalem. 4. Because the Lord will wash out the dirt of the sons and the daughters of Zion and the blood shall be cleansed out of the midst of it by the spirit of justice and the spirit of burning. 5. And he shall come and it shall be that in every place of the mountains of Zion a cloud shall overshadow it by day and like a smoke and as bright fire burning at night; all the glory shall be a shelter. 6. And it shall be a shade from the scorching heat and as a shelter and a covering from the bad times and the rain.

Isaiah 5. 1. Now I will sing to my beloved a song of my beloved about my vineyard. My beloved had a vineyard in a corner in a high place. 2. And it was fenced around and fortified and I planted a choice vine and I built a watch tower in the midst of it and I dug a trench in it and I waited for it to produce grapes but it made thorns. 3. And now, men of Judah and those dwelling in Jerusalem, judge in me and over the midst of my vineyard. 4. What shall I do yet for my vineyard that I have not done for it? Because I waited for it to make clusters but it produced thorns. 5. But now I will tell you what I will do for my vineyard, I will take away its fence and it shall be trodden and I will bring down its wall and it shall be for trampling under foot. 6. And I will abandon my vineyard and it shall not be trimmed nor tilled and it shall bear thorns as in barren land. And I will command the clouds not to rain rain on it. 7. For the vineyard of the Lord of hosts is the house of Israel and the men of Judah are beloved plantings. I waited for it to produce justice but it produced lawlessness and unrighteousness but weeping. 8. Woe to those joining house to house and field to field so that they can take away from their neighbor, what, will you not dwell alone in the earth. 9. For these things have been heard in the ears of the Lord of hosts, for if many great and goodly houses come into being they shall be desolate and there shall be no one living in them. 10. For where ten yoke of cattle work they shall produce one jar full, and six medimni (a Persian measure about an omer) of seed shall produce three small measures. 11. Woe to those rising up early to pursue strong drink, who remain up late for wine to consume them. 12. For they drink wine with harps and psalteries and drums and flutes but they are not beholding the works of the Lord and they do not consider the works of his hands. 13. Therefore my people have become captive through their not knowing the Lord and many have become dead through famine and thirst for water. 14. And Hades has widened his soul and opened its mouth endlessly and the honorable and the great and the rich and their troublemakers shall go down into it. 15. And mankind shall be humbled and humanity dishonored and the eyes of the exalted shall be humbled. 16. And the Lord of hosts shall be lifted up in judgment and the holy God shall be glorified in righteousness. 17. And the ones having been plundered shall be fed as bulls and sheep shall feed in the empty places of those who have been lead away. 18. Woe to those who are dragging sins with a great rope and lawlessness with the reins of a heifer's harness. 19. Who say, Let him quickly get on with what he will do so we may see it and bring his holy will to Israel so that we may know it. 20. Woe to those calling evil good and good evil, the ones putting darkness for light and light for darkness, the ones putting bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. 21. Woe to the themseves intelligent and knowing in their own sight. 22. Woe to your strong ones who are drinking wine and the ones able to mix strong drink. 23. The ones who justify the ungodly for bribes and destroy the justice of the righteous. 24. Therefore their way of life shall be burned like straw by coals of fire and shall be burned up by a violent flame, their root will be like mush and their flower shall rise up like dust for they do not desire the will of the Lord of hosts and provoke the word of the Holy One of Israel. 25. And the Lord of hosts was furiously angry with his people and he cast out his hand on them and struck them and the mountains were stirred up and their bodies were as dung in the midst of the road and in all this the fury was not turned away but the hand is still raised up. 26. Therefore He will raise a sign among the distant gentiles and shall call them from the ends of the earth and behold they are coming very swiftly. 27. They shall not hunger nor be weary, neither shall they slumber nor sleep; neither shall they loose their belts from their loins, neither shall their shoe-laces be broken. 28. Whose arrows are sharp and their bows tight, the feet of their horses are reckoned like solid stone, their chariot-wheels are like a storm. 29. They rush forward like lions and stand fast like lions' whelps and they take and roar like a wild animal and he shall cast them out and there is no deliverer for them. 30 And he shall cry out because of them in that day like the sound of the billowing sea and they shall look to the earth and behold strong darkness in their anguish.

Isaiah 6. 1. And it was in the era that King Uzziah died that I saw the Lord lifted up on a high and exalted throne and the house was filled with his Glory. 2. And seraphim stood around him and each one had six wings and with two they covered their faces and with two they covered their feet and with two they flew. 3. And they cried out to one another and they said “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts, all the earth is full of his glory. 4. And the doorway shook from the voice which they cried out and the house was filled with smoke. 5. And I said Woe I am wretched, because I am troubled and because I am a man having unclean lips and I dwell among a people having unclean lips and I have seen the king the Lord of hosts with my eyes. 6. And one of the seraphim was sent to me and he had a coal in his hand which he had taken from the altar with tongs. 7. And he touched my mouth and he said this had touched your speech and it has taken your lawlessness away and your sins have been cleansed. 8. And I heard the voice of the Lord saying “Whom shall I send and who will go to this people?' And I said “behold I myself, send me.” 9. And he said, You are sent.” and say to this people hearing you shall hear but you shall not understand and seeing you shall see but you shall not perceive. 10. For the heart of this people is thick and the ears of them are dull hearing and their eyes refuse to perceive lest beholding with their eyes and hearing with their ears and perceiving with their heart and they might repent and I should heal them. 11. And I said, “Until when Lord.” and he said “Until the cities are empty and uninhabited and the houses from not having any men and the earth is left desolate. 12. But yet in it is the tenth and it shall surge forth again as a terebinth or an oak when it sheds it leaves.

Isaiah 7. 1 And in the days of Achaz son of Jotham son of Usias king of Judah, that Raason king of Aram went up and Phakee son of Romeliou king of Israel against Jerusalem to war against it but they were not able to overcome it. 2. And the house of David was informed saying, Aram has agreed with Ephraim, and his spirit was beside itself, 3. and the spirit of his people, as when a tree of a forest is shaken by the wind. 3. And the Lord said to Isaiah, Go to a meeting with Achaz , with ("The One being left Iasoob" in LXX), Shear Yashuv your son to the upper pool in the road of the fuller's field. 4. And say to him, Guard yourself and be quiet, and do not be afraid and let not your spirit be weak because of these two smoking torches for as long as my furious anger may be, I will renew again. 5. And the son of Aram and the son of Remeliou, because they have taken evil council concerning you saying: 6.Let us go into Judea and converse with them. We will turn them to us and we will set a king in it, the son of Tabiel. 7. Thus says the Lord of hosts, This intention will not happen neither shall it be. 8. For the head of Aram is Damascus, But in yet sixty five years the kingdom of Ephraim shall cease from being a people. 9. And the head of Ephraim is Samaria and the head of Samaria is the son of Remeliou. and if ye have doubting faith you may not continue. 10. And the Lord added speaking to Achaz, saying, 11. Ask for yourself a sign from the Lord your God in the depth of in the height. 12. And Achaz said I will not ask and emphatically neither will I tempt the Lord. 13. And he said, Hear then house of David, Is it small that you continue to resist men and how do you continue to resist the Lord. 14. Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign. Behold the virgin (parthenos) shall be pregnant and shall bear a son and you shall call his name Emmanuel. 15. Butter and honey shall he eat til he knows to choose the good and refuse evil 16. Because before the child knows good or evil, he will reject the evil to choose the good and the land which you fear shall be left from the face of the two kings. 17. But God shall bring upon you and your people and on the house of your fathers, days which have not yet happened since the days that Ephraim departed from Judah even the king of Assyria. 18. And it shall be in that day the Lord will call (in Aramaic) for the fly, who rules in parts of the River of Egypt and for the bee who is in the regions of Assyria. 19. And they all shall enter into the clefts of the land, and into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves, and into every ravine. 20. And in that day the Lord shall shave with a great and drunken razor which is across the river of the king of Assyria. The head and the hair of the foot and he shall remove the beard. 21. And it shall be in that day a man shall provide food from a cow of cattle and two sheep. 22. And it shall be from the large making of milk everyone left in the land will be eating butter and honey. 23. and it shall be in that day every place where there might be one thousand vines of a thousand shekels they shall become barren land and thorns. 24. They shall enter there with bow and arrow because all the land will become briars and thorns. 25. Every mountain shall surely be plowed and no fear will come 2. there because from feed for sheep and treading of cattle it shall be dry land and thorns.

Isaiah 8. 1 And the Lord said to me take to your self a great new book and write in it human characters (LXX then translates the name maher shalal hash baz and capitalizes The) “The swift foraging to make loot,” has now arrived. 2. And you make faithful men witnesses for me of Orian and Zacharian son of Barachariou. 3. And I proceeded to the prophetess and she became pregnant and bore a son and the Lord said to me call his name (Again LXX translates more elaborately Maher shalal hash baz rather than making a name) Quickly the Slain Swiftly the Foraging. Because before the child shall know to call father or mother, the power of Damascus and the spoil of Samaria shall be taken away by the presence of the king of Assyria. 5. And the Lord continued yet to speak to me. 6. Because this people do not desire the waters of Siloam which proceed softly but desire to have Raasson and the son of Remeliou king over them. 7. Because of this the Lord is bringing up on you the great strong waters of the river, even the king of Assyria and his glory and he will come up over all your ravines and walk over all your walls. 8. And he will take away from the Judeans any men who are able to raise the head and to end any power and it will be his camp so that he will fill the breadth of your region, Immanuel (LXX translates Immanu el as “with us God” and not as God is with us) 9. Know O Nations and be broken, listen to the ends of the earth, strengthen yourselves and be broken, for if you strengthen yourselves again you shall be broken again. 10. And what ever council you take the Lord will scatter it and if you shall speak any word it may not remain with you because Immanuel is speaking. (LXX puts “he lord God is with us” for Immanuel) 11. Thus says the Lord with a strong hand they reject the way of this people saying. 12. Say not violence, for everyone of this people who might speak is violent but you may not fear his fear neither be stirred up 13. Sanctify the Lord himself and let him be your fear. 14. And if you are trusting in him you may be sanctified and you will not cause to happen a stumbling stone nor a calamity stone indeed the house of Jacob is in a snare and an ambush in Jerusalem. 15. Because of this many of them shall be powerless and shall fall down and shall be broken in pieces and coming near and being in safety will be captured. 16. Then shall the seal of the law be manifested of the not to teach. 17. And he shall say I will wait for the God who is hiding his face from the house of Jacob and I will be trusting in him. 18. Behold I and the children which God has given me and they shall be for signs and wonders for the house of Israel from the Lord of hosts who is dwelling in Mount Zion. 19. And if they should say to you, Seek these things from the earthly voices, he speaking empty words from within himself is the one speaking from the belly; should not a nation seek from its God. who seek concerning the living from the dead. 20. For the law is given for a supporting help so that they should not speak as this word concerning which it is not to give gifts concerning it. 21, And strong hunger shall come on you and it shall be when you are ravishing you shall be grieved and speak evil of the ruler and fathers and they shall look to the heavens above (star gazing) and they shall look into the earth below (for human answers) and behold trouble, distress and darkness, affliction and anguish so that as a result one can not see. 23. And the one being anguished shall be at a loss during a period of time. He shall do this first in the region of Zebulon and the land of Naphtali the way of the sea and afterward do the same to the ones dwelling by the sea and across the Jordan, Galilee of the gentiles, (LXX adds the region of Judea. The name Judah described all the region from Dan to Beersheba except for Samaria or Mt Ephraim after the return from Babylon Thus Jerusalem as well as Capernaum would be in Judea.)

Note: In both Hebrew and the LXX 8:23 is 9:1 in the English text thus the LXX begins with what is English is 9:2.

Isaiah 9. 1. The people walking in darkness beheld a great light. The ones dwelling in the region of the shadow of death, light will shine on them. 2. The many people whom you have brought in your euphoria have made your face glad like those rejoicing at harvest and in the manner of those who divide the spoil. 3. Because the yoke that was remaining on them has been taken up as well as the rod that was on their neck, for the Lord has scattered the rod of the oppressors as in the day that was on Midian. Verse 4 which is 5a and 5b in English is translated mistakenly and that must be the reason for modern translators to follow their lead. The Passage should say “Because garments are bloody and war is noisy But this is with burning and devouring fire LXX:) 4. Because all clothing is gathered together in deceit and gathered garments are rolled up and they want them to be burned up. 5. Because to us a child is born and to us a son is given and the government shall be on his shoulder and his name shall be called Mighty, Counseling Messenger, for I will bring peace on the government, peace and healthy conditions to him. 6. His government shall be great and his peace is limitless and he shall succeed to the throne of David and his kingdom shall prosper and he shall hold it fast in righteousness and judgment from now and into eternity. The zeal of the Lord of hosts shall do this. 7. The Lord has sent a disease on Jacob and it came on Israel. 8. All the people of Ephraim and those dwelling in Samaria shall know saying insults with a lofty heart. 9. Bricks have fallen down but come let us hew stone and let us cut down poplars and cedars and let us build a watch tower for ourselves. 10. And God will tear up those who rise up against them on Mount Zion and he shall scatter his enemies. 11. Syrians from the eastern sun and Greeks from the western sun those devouring Israel with the whole mouth. With all these things his fury is not turned away but his hand is still uplifted. 12. But the people did not turn (to God) when they were struck and they did not seek the Lord. 13. And the Lord took away from Israel the head and the tail, great and small in one day. 14. The elder and those who are awed by higher up faces, this is the head and the prophet who is teaching lawlessness, this is the tail. 15. And the ones who are making this people happy are deceiving them, and they are deceiving them so they can devour them. 16. Therefore God will not take pleasure on their young men and he will not show mercy on their orphans and their widows because they are all lawless and wicked and every mouth speaks unrighteousness. Even with all these things his fury is not turned away, but his hand is still lifted up. 17 And the lawless will be burned up with fire and as dry grass he will devour them with fire and it shall burn in the copses of the woodlands and it shall devour all those around the hills. 18. The whole earth shall be set on fire through the fury of the Lord's anger and the people shall be burned up as by fire, no man shall have mercy on his brother. 18. But he shall turn to the right because he shall be hungry and he shall eat on the left and a man shall not be filled eating the flesh of his arm. 19. For Manasseh shall eat Ephraim and Ephraim Manasseh because they shall besiege Judah together, for all these things his fury is not turned away but his hand is still lifted up.

Isaiah 10. 1. Woe to those who write evil for when they write they write evil. 2. Turning justice away from the poor, snatching judgment from the poor of my people so that they can plunder the widow and spoil the orphan. 3. And what will they do in the day of visitation for affliction shall come to you from far off . And to what shall you flee for help and where will you abandon your glory. 4. So as not to be lured into captivity. For all these things his fury is not turned away but his hand is still lifted up. 5. Woe to the Assyrians, the rod of my wrath and anger is in their hands. 6 I will send my wrath against a sinful nation and I will command my people (Assyria) to do looting and foraging and trampling on the cities and cause them to be dust. 7. Bit they did not think this way and did not reason this way in his soul but he freed his own mind to destroy not just a few nations. 8. And if they may say to him, You are not the only rulers, 9. Then he shall reply, Did I not take the regions beyond Babylonia and Calno where a fort was built? And I took Arabia and Damascus and Samaria. 10 Even as I have taken these by my hand I will also take their rulers. You bewailed the destruction in Jerusalem and in Samaria. 11. Even as I have done to Samaria and her handmade (gods) so I will do also to Jerusalem and her idols. 12. And it shall be when the Lord has completed all his work in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem I will bring punishment upon the high mind of the king of Assyria and upon the heightened glory of his eyes. 13. For I will work in strength and in intelligent wisdom and I will take away ethnic regions and I will spoil their strength and I will shake the inhabited cities. 14. And I will take with my hand the whole inhabited earth like a nest and I will lift up the eggs left behind, and no one shall escape nor oppose me. 15. Shall the ax glorify itself without the one cutting with it or shall the saw lift itself up with out the one pulling it in the same way if anyone would lift up a rod or wood. 16. But this will not be, But the Lord of hosts shall send on your honor dishonor and on your glory burning fire and it shall be burned up. 17. And the light of Israel shall be for a fire and he shall sanctify them in burning fire and in that day he shall devour them as if they were briars and thorns. 18. And he shall extinguish the mountains and the hills and the forests and he shall devour the soul with the flesh and the one fleeing shall be as one fleeing from a burning flame. 19. And the ones left from them shall be a small number and a child shall be able to write them. 20. And it shall be in that day that the remnant of Israel shall no longer place themselves and the saved of Jacob will no longer trust and listen to those hurting them, but they shall be trusting in the holy God of Israel in truth. 21. And the remnant of Jacob shall trust on the mighty God 22. And even if the people of Israel become as the sand of the sea only a remnant of them shall be saved for the completion and the end of the word shall be in righteousness 23. Because he will make a full end in the whole inhabited earth. 24. Therefore thus says the Lord of hosts, My people dwelling in Zion, Do not be afraid of the Assyrians because they shall strike you with a rod for I am bringing a plague on you so that you may see the way of Egypt. 25. For yet in a little while I will cause the punishment to cease and my fury is on their goals. 26. And God will bring up on them as the plague of Midean in the place of trouble and his fury in the road by the sea in the way that goes down to Egypt. 27. And in that day the fear of him and his yoke shall be taken up from your shoulder. And the yoke shall be taken from your shoulder.

28. For he shall arrive in the city of Angai and pass by Migron and lay up his equipment in Mikmash 29. He shall go over the pass and arrive at Angai, fear shall take hold of Rama the city of Saul 30. The daughter of Gallim shall flee. Lachish shall hear, it will be heard in Anathoth, 31, Madeba is beside herself and Gibbiah is crying out. 32. Encourage the daughter of the hill of Zion with the hand and the mountains of Jerusalem to always remain in the way 33. For behold the despotic Lord of hosts shall confound the high looks with strength and break in pieces the exalted insults and pride shall be brought low. 34. And the lofty shall fall by the sword and Lebanon's pride shall fall down.

Isaiah 11. 1. And a rod shall go out of the root of Jesse and a blossom shall come up out of the root. 2. And the spirit of God shall rest on him and the spirit of wisdom and intelligence, the spirit of counsel and strength and the spirit of knowledge and holiness. 3. He shall fill him with the fear of the Lord. He shall not judge according to glory nor will he rebuke according to speech. 4. He shall judge the lowly with justice and reprove the lowly of the earth. And he will strike down the earth with the word of his mouth and in spirit through speech he shall do away with the ungodly. 5. And he shall gird his loins with righteousness and he will keep truth close to himself. 6. And a wolf shall feed with a lamb and a leopard shall lie down with a kid and the calf and the bull and the lion shall feed together and a little child shall lead them. 7. The Ox and the bear shall feed together and the young child shall be together with them and the lion and the ox shall eat straw together. 8. And a small child shall place hs hand on the hole of and asp and on the nest of young asps. 9. And they shall not do evil nor be able to destroy anyone on my holy mountain because it shall be filled with the knowledge of the Lord just as much water covers the sea. 10. And in that day the root of Jesse shall rise up to rule the gentiles. In him shall the gentiles hope and his rest shall be honor. 11. And it that day the Lord shall again raise his hand and be zealous for the remnant left alive of the people which would be left from the Assyrians, from Egypt, and Babylon and Ethiopia, and from the Elamites and the eastern sun and out of Arabia. 12. And he shall raise up a sign for the nations and he shall gather the scattered of Israel and he shall gather the dispersed of Judah out of the four quarters of the earth. 13. And the envy of Ephraim shall be taken away and the antagonism of Judah shall be sent away, Ephraim shall not envy Judah and Judah shall not trouble Ephraim. 14. And they shall fly the sea in ships of foreigners, at the same time those from the sun rising and from Idumea shall take a spoil And they shall stretch out the hand first on Moab, Indeed the sons of Ammon will be first to obey. 15. And the Lord shall make a desert of the Egyptian sea, and he shall cast out his hand on the river with a violent wind and he shall strike the seven channels so that they may pass through it fully shod. 16. And there shall be a pathway for the remnant of my people in Egypt and it shall be for Israel just as the day when when he went out of the land Egypt.

Isaiah 12. 1.And in that day you shall say I will bless you O Lord because you were angry with me but you have turned aside your wrath and you have had mercy on me. 2. Behold my God is my Lord and Savior, I shall be trusting in him and I shall be saved by him and I shall not be afraid because the Lord is my glory and praise and he is for me salvation. 3. And you shall draw water with joy out of the wells of salvation. 4. And you shall say in that day Sing a hymn to the Lord, shout his name, Proclaim to the gentiles his exceeding glory, make mention that his name is exalted. 5. sing a hymn to the name of the Lord because he has done marvelous things. Proclaim these things in all the earth. 6. Be lifted up and be joyful those who are dwelling in Zion because the exalted holy one of Israel is in the midst of her.

Isaiah 13. 1. An Oracle: That which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw concerning Babylon. 2. Lift up a sign upon the mountain of the plain, raise the voices to them, do not be afraid, encourage with the hand., let the rulers open. 3. I even I command, and I even I lead them; Giants are coming to fill up my fury, rejoicing and insulting at the same time. 4. A voice of many nations upon the mountains., like a multitude of nations; the voice of Kings and nations gathered together. The Lord of hosts has called a heavily armed nation. 5. To come from afar out of the earth, from the furthermost foundation of heaven. The Lord and his armed companions are coming to destroy the whole inhabited earth. 6. Cry aloud for the day of the Lord is near and tribulation from God will arrive. 7. Through this every hand shall become feeble and every soul of man shall cringe in fear. 8. And the elders shall be in great distress and they shall have great pangs like a woman giving birth and they shall sympathize with one another and they shall be beside themselves and their faces shall be changing like a flickering flame. 9. For the day of the Lord's incurable fury is coming and wrath is appointed for a whole desolate inhabited earth and sinfulness shall be cast out of it. 10. For the stars of heaven and Orion and the Cosmos of heaven shall not give their light and the sun rising shall be darkened and the moon shall not give its light. 11. And I will let loose evils in the whole inhabited earth and their sins on the ungodly and I will destroy the insolence of the lawless and I will bring down the insolence of the arrogant. 12. And the remnant shall be more honored than fine gold and a man shall be more honored than the stone of Ophir. 13. For the heaven shall be shaken with anger and the earth convulsed out of her foundation because of the wrathful fury of the Lord of hosts in the day in which his fury shall arrive. 14. And the remnant shall be as a fleeing fawn and as a straying sheep and there shall be no one gathering them so that a man turns back to his people and a man presses forward into his own region. 15. For whoever might be taken shall be defeated and whoever is gathered shall fall by the sword. 16 And their children shall be torn to pieces before their faces and they shall spoil their houses, and they shall possess their wives. 17. Behold I bring upon you the Medes who do not consider silver and they have no need of Gold. 18. They will break the bows of your young men in pieces and they will show no mercy on your infants nor will their eyes spare your children. 19. And Babylon who is called glorious by the king of the Chaldeans whose way of life God will overturn as he did to Sodom and Gomorrha. 20. It shall never be inhabited for ever and ever nor shall they move into it for many generations, nor shall the Arabians go through it, nor shall shepherds rest in it at all. 21. And wild animals shall rest there and the houses shall be filled with roaring and sirenic spirits shall rest there and demons shall dance there. 22. Monsters shall dwell there and hedgehogs will build nests in their houses. It is coming quickly and will not wait.

Isaiah 14. 1.Bur God will have mercy on Jacob and will yet choose Israel and will bring rest upon his land. 2. And the sojourner shall be added to them and they shall be added to the house of Jacob. 3. And the gentiles shall take them and bring them into their own place and they shall give them treasures and cause them to increase on God's land for servants and for handmaids. And the ones who captured them shall be captives and they shall be lords of the ones who ruled them. 4. And it shall be in that day that God shall give you rest from the anxiety and your fury and your violent service with which you served them. And you shall take up this hymn against the king of Babylon and you shall say in that day, “How has the grasper stopped? How has the taskmaster stopped? 5. God has turned aside the yoke of the sinful and the yoke of the ruler.” 6. Striking the gentile in wrath with an incurable plague, striking the gentile with a plague of fury which he can not avoid. 7. Then he rested in security. Let all the earth shout with joy. 8. The forest of Lebanon rejoices against you. And the Cedar of Lebanon does not remain silent because you do not rise up to cut us down. 9. Hades is embittered from below coming to meet you, all the gigantic rulers of the earth rising up to you, those standing up out of their thrones all kings of the gentiles. 10. All having been chosen and looking at you. And you have been accounted with us and have become even as we. 11. Your glory has been cast down to Hades and your multiplied joy under you and they shall spread out corruption and cover you with maggots. 12. How have you fallen out of heaven O Morning Star (Lucifer) in the early dawn. The one sending messages to all the gentiles shall be broken to pieces in the earth. 13. But you said in your mind, I will ascend into heaven, I will appoint my throne above the stars of heaven. I will sit on the highest mountain, Upon the exalted mount higher than the North Wind. 14. I will rise up above the clouds, I will be just like the most high. 15. But now you shall be cast into Hades into the lowest parts of the earth. 16. And those beholding you shall be amazed and say this is the man who caused turmoil in the earth and shook kings. 17. The one making the whole inhabited earth desolate and he tore down the cities and he did not free those in taken captive. 18. He put to sleep in honor all the kings of the gentiles, each man in his own house. 19. And you shall be thrown down on the mountains with many hated corpses having been pierced with swords going down into Hades, which as an ordinary garment rolled in blood is not cleansed. 20. Thus neither shall you be cleansed because you have destroyed my land and done away with my people neither shall you continue for ever; you are an evil seed. 21. Prepare to slaughter your children for the sins of your father so that you may not stand and inherit the earth and fill it with war. 22. And I will rise up against them says the Lord of hosts and I will destroy their name and remnant and seed,- thus says the Lord. 23. And I will make Babylon desolate, so that hedgehogs shall dwell there and it shall come to nothing and I will make her a clay ruin of destruction. 24. Thus says the Lord of hosts, As I have often said so shall it be and just as I have devised thus it shall remain. 25. To destroy the Assyrians from this my land and from my mountains and they shall be for trampling under foot and their yoke shall be taken away from them and their fame shall be taken from them. 26. This is the decision that the Lord has decided upon the whole inhabited earth and this is the uplifted hand against the gentiles of the inhabited earth. 27. For who shall scatter what the Holy God has decided. and who shall turn aside the uplifted hand.

28. This word came in the year that Ahaz died. 29 Do not rejoice all you foreigners (LXX never uses the word Palestine or Philistine) on account of the yoke of the one striking you being broken to pieces for asps will come out of the seed of the serpent and flying serpents shall come out of their descendents. 30. And the poor shall be fed by him and poor men shall rest in peace but he will destroy your seed with famine and he will kill your remnant. 31. Let the gates of the cities cry out. All the cities being troubled have howled, even all the foreigners; because smoke is coming from the North Wind and there is no existing. 32. And what shall the kings of the nations answer? That the Lord has founded Zion and through him the humble of the people shall be saved.

Isaiah 15. 1. The word against the Moabites. The Moabites will be destroyed by night, for ny night the walls of the Moabites will be destroyed. 2. Make yourselves sad because Dibon shall also be destroyed which is your altar. You shall go up there to weep over Nebo of the Moabitess, Howl! Baldness shall be on every head and all arms shall be cut in pieces. 3. Wrap yourselves in sack cloth in her wide places and weep on her housetops and in all her narrow streets. Howl with weeping. 4. Because Esebon and Eleala have cried out, their voice is heard as far as Jassa, because of this the loins of the Moabites shout ruined and shaking. Their soul shall know it., 5. The heart of the Moabites cries out in her as far as Sagor as a heifer of three years and on the ascent to Luith they shall go up to you weeping in the way to Aroiim crying destruction and shaking. 6. The water of Nemrim is desolate and its grass is gone, there will be no green grass. 7. And are they thus about to be saved? For I will bring the Arabians upon the chasm and they shall take it. For the cry has united with the region of the Moabites in Agallim and their howling to the well of Aelim. 8. And the waters of Rimmon shall be filled with blood for I will bring the Arabians on Rimmon and I will destroy the seed of Moab and Ariel and the remnant of Adama.

Isaiah 16. 1. I will send as serpents on the earth; Is not Mount Zion a desolate rock? 2. You shall be like a fledgling bird having been taken away O daughter of Moab thus indeed O Arnon. 3. Take great counsels you are making a covering for her sorrow they shall escape at noon time they stand in awe in darkness, do not be led away. 4. The fugitives of Moab shall sojourn with you, they shall be a shelter for you from the face of the pursuer because your allies have been taken away and the hated ruler has been taken from the earth. 5. And a throne shall be established in mercy and he shall sit on it in truth in the tabernacle of David judging and seeking justice and eager for righteousness. 6. We have heard of the insolence of Moab, he is exceedingly insolent. I have taken off his arrogance, your divination will not be thus. 7. No not thus. Moab shall howl For in the land of the Moabites everyone shall howl. And you shall have consideration for the dwellers of Deseth and you shall not be ashamed. 8. The plains of Heshbon shall mourn, the gentiles shall swallow the vine of Sebama; you shall trample on her grapes as far as Jazar you shall not be united, you shall wander in the desert, those being sent shall be forsaken, for they have crossed the desert. 9. Because of this I will weep as the weeping of Jazar for the vine of Sebama. Heshbon and Eleala have cast down your forests because I have trampled on your harvest and your vintage and they shall all fall. 10. And joy and gladness has been taken up from your vineyards and there will be no rejoicing in your vineyard and they will not tread out wine in the wine vat because the vineyard is gone. 11. Thus my inward parts shall sound like a harp for Moab and you have made my inward parts like a wall. 12. And it shall be for your shame because Moab as labored on the altar and entered into the hand made idols so he can pray but they are not able to deliver him. 13. This is the word which the Lord spoke against Moab when he spoke. 14. And now I say within three years as the years of a hireling all the glory of Moab shall be dishonored in all the great wealth and and the remnant shall be left few and not honored.

Isaiah 17. 1. The word against Damascus. Behold Damascus shall be taken up from being a city and it shall be for destruction. 2. Having been abandoned forever as a resting place for flocks but there will be no pursuer. 3. And it will not be a stronghold for Ephraim to flee and there shall no longer be a kingdom in Damascus and the rest of Syria shall be destroyed, for you are no better than the sons of Israel and their glory. Thus says the Lord of hosts. 4. And the glory of Jacob shall be eclipsed in that day and the richness of his glory shall be shaken as an earthquake. 5. And it shall be like one gathering a standing crop and the wheat seeds are mowed in their strength and it shall be like one gathering wheat in a rich valley. 6. And there might be left in it like ragged reeds or two or three olives on the highest branches or four or five left on their branches. Thus says the Lord God of Israel. 7. In that day a man shall be trusting in the one having made him and his eyes shall look to the Holy One of Israel. 8. And they shall not secretly trust in their altars nor on the works of their hands which they have made with their fingers and they shall not look to their forests nor their abominations. 9. In that day it shall be that your cities have been abandoned just as the Amorites and Eveans abandoned theirs because of the presence of the sons of Israel and they shall be desolate. 10. Because you have left the God of your salvation and you have not remembered the Lord your helper. Because of this you shall plant an unfaithful plant and an unfaithful seed. 11. And in the day when you plant you will be deceived but if you sow in the morning a crop will stand up and as a man's father you shall select for your son. 12. Woe to the multitude of many nations as the billowing sea, just so you shall be distressed and the turmoil of many nations shall sound like waters. 13. Many nations like much water, as much water causing violence and they shall drive him far away and pursue after him as the dust of chaff crushing against and as dust driven by the wind. 14. Toward evening there shall be sadness, before the morning he shall not be. This is your portion of inheritance and the portion of your inheritance.

Isaiah 18. 1. Woe to the winged boats beyond the rivers in the land of Ethiopia. 2. The ones having been sent into the sea as surety and papyrus epistles over the waters, for fast angels shall go to a high placed nation and to an unknown and fierce people. What is beyond it? A hopeless and despised people. 3. Now all the rivers of the earth; all as inhabited regions, their region shall be inhabited openly as when a sign is raised on a mountain, it shall be heard as a trumpet sound. 4. Because thus the Lord said to me, There shall be safety in my city as the heat of noonday light, as a cloud of dew in a day of harvest. 5. Before the harvest when the flower is complete and the grape has flowered and bloomed and he shall take away the small bunches with sickles and he shall stoop down and take away the brush wood. 6. And he shall leave them together with the birds of the heaven and the wild animals of the earth and all the birds of heaven shall be lead to them and he shall lead all the wild animals of the earth to them. 7. At that time presents shall be brought to the Lord of hosts from a people troubled and plucked and from a great people from now to endless time. A nation that hopes but is despised which is in the area of the river that is in his habitation, in the place where the name of the Lord of hosts is called, Mount Zion.

Isaiah 19. 1. The Oracle of Egypt. Behold the Lord is sitting on a fast cloud and he shall enter into Egypt and the hand made idols of Egypt shall be seismicly shaken in his presence and their heart will be overwhelmed within them. 2. And the Egyptians shall be raised up against the Egyptians and a man shall fight his brother and a man against his neighbor, city against city and law against law. 3. And the spirit of the Egyptians shall be greatly distressed within them and I will shatter their will and they will ask their gods and their images and those speaking out of the earth and those who consult the dead. 4. And I will give the Egyptians into the hand of a cruelly violent human lord and a violent king shall rule over them. Thus says the Lord of hosts, 5. And the Egyptians shall drink the water along side the sea but the river shall fail and be dried up. 6. And they shall abandon the rivers and the channels of the river and all the gathered water shall be dried up as well as all marshes, reeds and papyrus. 7. And all the green wild plants around the river and every cultivated plant by the river shall be dried up and wind blasted. 8. And the fishermen shall groan and every one throwing a hook into the river shall groan as well as those throwing nets and the fishers shall be saddened. 9. And the ones who do business in flax linen shall take shame and those who do business in fine linen. 10. And those who work them shall be in great anxiety and all those making fermented drink shall be saddened and their souls shall suffer distress. 11. And the rulers of Tanis shall be foolish. The wise counselors of the king and their will shall become moronic. How can you say to the king we are intelligent sons. We are sons of kings from the beginning. 12. Where are your wise men now? Let them declare to you and let them say who can give counsel to the Lord o hosts about Egypt? 13. The rulers of Tanis have failed and the rulers of Memphis are high minded and they have deceived the tribes of Egypt. 14. For the Lord has poured on them the spirit of deception and they have deceived Egypt with all their works as the drunk deceives himself and one who vomits at the same time. 15. And there is no work for the Egyptians who will make head or tail, beginning of end. 16. In that day the Egyptians shall be as women in fear and in trauma from the presence of the hand of the Lord of hosts which he shall cast on them.. 17. And the lad of Judea shall be a fearful thing to the Egyptians. Everyone, whoever, to them, might give her a name, because they shall fear because of the purposes that the Lord has determined on her. 18. In that day there shall be five cities in Egypt which shall be speaking the language of Canaan and they shall swear by the name of the Lord. One city is called the city of Asedek. 19. In that day there shall be an altar to the Lord in the land of Egypt. And an obelisk to the Lord inside her territory. 20. And it will be a symbol for ages in the land of Egypt because they shall cry to the Lord because of their tribulations and the Lord shall send them a man who shall save them, judging he shall save them. 21. And the Lord shall be known to the Egyptians and the Egyptians shall know the Lord in that day and they shall make sacrifices and pray prayers to the Lord and give gifts. 22. And the Lord shall strike the Egyptians with a great plague and he will completely heal them and they shall turn to the Lord and he will hear them and heal them. 23. In that day there shall be a road from Egypt to Assyria and the Assyrians shall come into Egypt and the Egyptians shall proceed into Assyria and the Egyptians shall serve the Assyrians. 24. In that day Israel shall be third with the Assyrians and with the Egyptians having been blessed in the land. 25. Which the Lord of hosts blessed saying, Blessed are my people, the ones in Egypt and the ones in Assyria and Israel my inheritance.

Isaiah 20. 1. In the year that Tarton entered Azotus when he was sent by Arno king of the Assyrians to wage war against Azotus and he conquered it. 2. The the Lord spoke to Isaiah saying, take the sack cloth from off your loins and loose the sandals from your feet and do thus proceeding naked and barefoot. 3. And the Lord said, As Isaiah my child has walked naked and barefoot for three years, this is a sign and omen to Egypt and Ethiopia. 4. Because thus shall the king of Assyria lead the captivity of Egypt and Ethiopia, young and old, naked and barefoot uncovering the shame of Egypt. 5. And the defeated Egyptians shall be ashamed of the Ethiopians on whom the Egyptians trusted for they were a glory to them. 6. And the ones dwelling in this Island shall say this, Behold us, We trusted to flee to them for help who were not able to be saved from the king of the Assyrians and how shall we ourselves be saved?

Isaiah 21. 1. The vision of the desert. As if a tempestuous storm should come through out of the desert, fearfully coming out of the earth, 2. A violent vision was announced to me. The suspicious act with suspicion and the lawless act lawlessly. The Elamites are on me and the elders of the Persians are coming against me. Now I will grieve and comfort myself. 3. Because of this my loins are filled with weakness and suffering takes me like birth pains. I acted badly so as not to hear and I was eager not to see. 4. My heart deceives me and lawlessness immerses me, my soul is set into fear. 5. Prepare the feast, drink, eat, stand up you rulers prepare large shields. 6. Because thus said the Lord to me, Walk on, set a goal and declare what you might experience. 7. And I saw two mounted horses, a mounted ass and a mounted camel. 8. Listen attentively. And call Urias to the Lord's watch tower And he said I stood through all the day and I stood in the camp through the whole night. 9. And behold a mounted pair of horses is coming and he answering said Babylon has fallen and all her high status and her man made idols are broken in pieces in the earth. 10. Hear those of the remnant and those suffering pain, hear the statement from the Lord of hosts. The God of Israel is declaring it.

11. The vision of Idumea. Call to me out of Mount Seir. Guard the battlements. 12. I will guard day and night, if you would seek seek and dwell by me. 13. You can sleep in the evening in the forest, in the way to Dedan. 14. You bear water meeting those thirsting ones dwelling in the land of Teman. Give bread to those fleeing. 15. Because of the multitude of those fleeing and the multitude of the deceivers and the multitude of the swords and the multitude of the shooting archers and the multitude of those having fallen in war. 16. Because thus said the Lord to me, Until one year as the year of a hired worker, the glory of the sons of Kedar shall be eclipsed. 17. And the remaining archers of the strong sons of Kedar shall be few because the Lord God of Israel has spoken.

Isaiah 22. 1. The word of the valley of Zion. What is going on now that you all have gone up to the housetops? 2. Which is futile. The city is filled with screaming. Your wounded are not wounded with the sword, neither are your dead dead from war. 3. All your rulers have fled and and the captives are violently bound and the strong in you have fled far away. 4. Because of this I said depart from me I will weep bitterly, you are not able to comfort me because of the destruction of the daughter of my posterity. 5. Because it is a day of riot and destruction and treading down and dispersion from the Lord of hosts in the valley of Zion. They deceive from the least to the greatest upon the mountain. 6. The Elamites took their arrows, men mounted on horses and gathered together for battle. 7. And your select valleys shall be filled with chariots and the horses shall block your gates. 8. And in that day they shall uncover the doors of Judah and they shall look into the select houses of the city. 9. And they shall uncover the secrets of the houses of the highest places of David and they shall see how many they are and that they have turned the water of the ancient pool into the city. 10. And that they tore down the houses of Jerusalem as a stronghold for the walls of the city. 11. And you made yourselves a water way between the two walls in the innermost ancient pool and you did not look to the one who made it from the beginning and you did not know the one who created it. 12. And in that day the Lord of hosts will call for weeping and lamentation and baldness and sackcloth clothing. 13. But they created euphoria and joyfulness slaughtering calves and sacrificing sheep so that they could eat meat and drink wine saying, Let us eat and let us drink for tomorrow we shall die. 14. All these things are open to the ears of the Lord of hosts, for this sin shall not be forgiven you until whenever you might die.

15. Thus says the Lord of Hosts, Proceed into the house of wares to Shebna the controller and say to him, 16. What are you doing here? And what is yours here, that you carve a sepulcher for yourself and you make for yourself an exalted monument in a stone tabernacle. 17. Behold then the Lord of hosts shall cast out and destroy this man and destroy his long robe 18. and your crown of glory, and I will throw you into a large limitless land and there you shall die and he will bring your good works into dishonor and your ruling household shall be for treading down. 19. And you shall be taken up from your household management and out of your presumption. 20. And in that day it shall be that I will call my child Eliakim son of Hilkiah. 21. And I will clothe him with your long robe and I will give your crown and your power to him and I will give your management position into his hand and he shall be as a father to those dwelling in Jerusalem and to those dwelling in Judah. 22. And I will give the glory of the house of David to him and he shall rule and there shall not be anyone contradicting. (Codex Vaticanus adds to this verse “And I will place the key of the house of David on his shoulder and he shall open and no one shall shut and he shall shut and no one will open.”) 23. And I will place him as a ruler in a sure place and he shall be for a glorious throne in the house of is father. 24. All the honor shall be attributed to him in the house of his father from the least to the greatest and they shall hang on him 25. In that day. Thus says the Lord of hosts. The man who is in the established place shall be removed and he shall fall and the glory shall be lifted from him because the Lord has spoken.

Isaiah 23. 1. The vision of Tyre. Cry aloud you ships of Carthage because she is destroyed and people no longer come from the land of Cyprus; she is led into captivity. 2. Who have the dwellers of the island become like? The merchants of Phoenicia crossing over the sea. 3. In great waters, a seed of merchants like when the harvest is taken up, they are the merchants of the nations. 4. Be ashamed Sidon the sea has said, indeed the strength of the sea has said, I have not suffered in birth nor given birth nor reared up young men and I have not brought up virgins. 5. And when it shall be heard in Egypt anxiety shall take hold of them concerning Tyre. 6. Pass on into Carthage; let the inhabitants of this island cry out. 7. Was not this your insolence from the beginning before she was betrayed. 8. Who gave this counsel on Tyre? Is she inferior or has she no strength? Her merchants were the glorious rulers of the earth. 9. The Lord of hosts has resolved to bring down all the insolence of glory and to dishonor the glorious on the earth. 10. Cultivate your earth for ships also are no longer coming out of Carthage. 11. But your hand which provoked kings is no longer strong in the sea. The Lord of hosts commanded concerning Canaan (Phoenicia) to destroy its strength. 12. And they shall say, You shall no longer at all insult or be unjust to the daughter of Sidon and if you go into Cyprus, there shall be no rest for you there. 13. And if you go into the land of the Chaldeans this also has been laid waste by the Assyrians, neither is there any rest for you there because her wall has fallen down. 14. Cry out ships of Carthage because your fortress is destroyed. 15. And it shall be in that day that Tyre shall be left as the time of a king, as the time of a man. And after seventy years Tyre shall be as a song of a harlot. 16. Take a harp, go around O city; O forgotten harlot play well many songs on the harp so that you might be remembered. 17. And after seventy years God will make a visit to Tyre and she shall stand again as in ancient time and she shall be a market place for all the kingdoms of the world. 18. And her business and her wages shall be holy to the Lord; it shall not be gathered for them but for those dwelling in the presence of the Lord, all her business to eat and to drink and to be filled and a memorial covenant in the presence of the Lord.

Isaiah 24. 1. Behold the Lord is bringing about the moral ruin of the inhabited world and he shall lay it waste and uncover the face of it and scatter the inhabitants in it. 2. And the people shall be as the priest and the child as the master and the handmaid as the mistress and the buyer as the seller and the borrower as the lender and the debtor as the creditor. 3. (A Hebraism follows: destroy he will destroy) The Lord will completely destroy the earth and they will scavange and forage the earth for the mouth of the Lord has spoken these things. 4. The earth shall grieve and the inhabited earth shall be destroyed and the high minded of the earth shall grieve. 5. And the earth acts without law through its inhabitants because they disobey the law and change the ordinances of the eternal covenant. 6. Because of this a curse will eat up the earth because its inhabitants sin. Because of this the inhabitants of the earth shall be impoverished and only a few people shall be left. 7. The wine shall grieve the grapevine shall grieve. All those trying to cheer up the spirit shall groan. 8. The joy of music has ceased, arrogance and wealth and ungodliness has ceased, the sound of the harp has ceased. 9. The are shamed, they shall not drink wine, strong drink has become bitter to those drinking it. 10. Every city is stripped bare, man shuts his house so no one can enter. 11. You shall howl for wine everywhere, all joy shall cease in the earth. 12. The cities shall be left desolate and the remaining houses shall be destroyed. 13, These things shall be in the earth in the midst of the nations, which as if one should strip off the branches of an olive tree, in the same way they shall be stripped. And when the harvest ceases 14. They shall cry aloud. But those who are left in the land shall rejoice together in the glory of the Lord. The water of the sea shall be stirred up. 15. Because of this the glory of the Lord shall be in the isles of the sea. The name of the glorified Lord is the Lord God of Israel. 16. We have heard great things from the ends of the earth and there is hope for the godly but they shall say, Woe to the despisers, even those who despise the law. 17. Fear and a pit are upon you and a snare are upon those dwelling on the earth. 18. The one fleeing from fear shall fall into the pit and the one coming up out of the pit shall be caught by the snare because the windows of heaven have been opened and the foundation of the earth shall be shaken (seismic). 19. (Hebraisms move move and anxious anxious) The earth shall be extremely moved and the earth shall be excessively anxious. 20. The earth flees and is shaken like a storehouse of fruit, as a drunken man reeling and falling down and not able to stand for lawlessness has power over it. 21. And God shall bring his hand upon the galaxies of the heaven and on the kingdoms of the earth. 22. And they shall gather them together and shut them up in a fortress and in prisons. They shall be visited through many generations. 23. And the brick shall waste away and the wall shall fall down for the Lord shall reign in Zion and in Jerusalem and the presbyters shall glorify him in his presence.

Isaiah 25. 1. O Lord my God I glorify you, I sing a hymn to your name. You have made marvelous events. Even ancient and true counsels. May it be Lord! 2. Because you have made a city into a pile of dirt, a fortress city whose foundation is to be destroyed, an ungodly city which shall not be built forever. 3. Because of this the poor people shall praise you; and the cities of injured men shall praise you. 4. For you were a helper to every humble city and to the downhearted, by being a shelter to the needy. You shall rescue them from wicked men, even a shelter to the thirsty and a renewed spirit to injured men. 5. They shall praise you as disheartened men thirsting in Zion because of ungodly men to whom you delivered us. 6. And the Lord of hosts shall make a welcome for all the nations upon this mountain. They shall drink gladness, they shall drink wine. The shall anoint themselves with perfume. 7. Deliver all these things to the nations in this mountain, for this is God's purpose for all the nations. 8. Death has destroyed the mighty and also God has taken away all tears from every face. He has taken away the disgrace of the people from all the earth for the mouth of the Lord has spoken. 9. And they shall say in that day, Behold our God upon whom we were hoping and were rejoicing and were made joyful for our salvation. 10. Because God will give rest upon this mountain and he will have trodden down the Moabites as they usually trample the threshing floor with wagons. 11. And he shall spread out his hands even as your children for the sins of your father so that you may not stand and inherit the earth and fill it with war. 12 And he shall bring down the height of the refuge of your wall, and he shall bring it down even to the foundation.

Isaiah 26. 1. And in that day he shall sing this song in the land of Judah, saying, Behold a strong city and he shall make our salvation a wall and fortress. 2. Open the gates and let the people keeping righteousness and guarding truth and keeping peace enter in 3. Laying hold of truth and keeping peace. Because in you 4. They hope. O Lord you are the great and eternal God forever. 5. Who has brought down those dwelling on high; you have cast down strong cities and have lowered them to the ground. 6. The feet of the mild and lowly shall trample them. 7. The way of the Godly is straight and the of the Godly is prepared. 8. The way of the Lord is justice,. We hoped in your name and in the remembrance of you 9. which our soul desires. My spirit rises to you in the night, O God! Because your ordinances are a light on the earth. You teach righteousness to those dwelling on the earth. 10. For the ungodly has ceased; neither may he teach righteousness on the earth nor can he do the truth; let the ungodly be taken up so that he may not see the glory of the Lord. 11. Lord, your power is exalted but they do not understand but when knowing they shall be ashamed; zeal takes hols of an ignorant people and now fire shall devour those hostile. 12. O Lord our God, give peace to us for you give us all things. 13. O Lord our God take possession of us. Lord we know no other beside you. We speak your name. 14. But the dead shall not see life neither shall the physicians cause them to stand. Therefore you have led and destroyed them and have taken up every male of them.

Isaiah 27. 1. In that day God shall bring his dedicated and great and strong sword upon the fleeing dragon serpent, upon the crooked dragon serpent and he shall annihilate the dragon. 2. In that day a beautiful vineyard and a desire to begin a hymn concerning it. 3. I am a strong city, a besieged city. I shall water it in vain for it shall be captured by night and the wall shall fall down by day. 4, There is no one who has not taken hold of her. Who puts me to guard a reed in a cultivated field? Because of this enemy I have put her. Because of this the Lord God made all as much as he commanded. I will burn down. (There is no possible way to see any coincidence between this translation and the received text.) 5. The ones dwelling in her shall cry out, Let us make peace with him, let us make peace. 6. The children of Jacob are coming, Israel shall sprout leaves and blossom and the inhabited earth shall be filled with his fruit. 7. No as he himself struck and thus he himself has been stricken and as he killed, thus he shall be killed. 8. He shall send them out severely clashing and insulting. Did not you yourself consider the violent, to kill them with a furious spirit? 9. Therefore the lawlessness of Jacob shall be lifted away and this is his praise, when I may take away his sins, when they take all the stones of the altars breaking them down as fine dust and their groves may not remain and their idols are cut down just as a far off Asherah. 10. The flock dwelling and sent up shall be as an abandoned flock and they shall be much time in grazing and they shall rest there. 11. And after a time there shall not be in it any green thing because they withered. Come here women coming from a goddess, for they are a people having no intelligence. Therefore their maker has no pity on them; neither does the one molding them have mercy on them. 12. And in that day he Lord will separate them from the channel of the river as far as the river of Egypt (Indicates the Promised land) and you shall gather the sons of Israel one by one. 13. And in that day they shall sound the great trumpet and they shall gather the lost in the region of Assyria and the lost in Egypt and they shall worship the Lord on the holy mountain in Jerusalem.

Isaiah 28 1. Woe to the crown of arrogance, the hired servants of Ephraim. The blossom has fallen from the glory from tops of the massive mountains. They are drunk without wine. Behold the fury of the Lord is strong and violent, like hail coming down and not having shelter, violently coming down as much huge flood water pulling away the land of the earth. He shall make the power cease. 3. He shall trample down the crown of pride which is the hired workers of Ephraim. 4. And the falling flower shall be the hope and the glory of the utmost highest mountains as the early fig; the one beholding it before it is in his hand wishes to receive it to swallow it down. 5. In that day the Lord of hosts shall be the woven crown and the hope and the glory for the remnant of my people. 6. They shall be left is the spirit of justice in judgment for strength to those preventing killing. 7. For they themselves are deceived by wine; they have been deceived by strong drink; the priest and the prophet are beside themselves by wine; they are shaken by the drunkenness of strong drink and are deceived; this is a portent. 8. A curse will destroy this counsel for their counsel comes from greed. 9. To whom have we reported evil and to whom have we announced a message? The ones who have been weaned from milk, the ones being removed from the breast. 10. Wait for trouble upon trouble hope upon hope, yet a little yet a little. 11. Because through pettiness of speech, through other tongues they shall speak to this people. 12. Saying to them this is the reason for the thirst and for the ruin; but they were not wishing to hear. 13. And this is the oracle of the Lord God to them: trouble upon trouble, hope upon hope here a little there a little so that they might proceed and might fall behind and be in danger and be broken in pieces and be taken. 14. Therefore hear the word of the Lord troubled men and rulers of this people who are in Jerusalem. 15. Because you have said we will make a covenant with Hades and a treaty with death. If a coming rushing storm should pass it will not come on us. We have made a lie our hope and we are sheltered in falsehood. 16. Therefore thus says the Lord, Behold I put down for a foundation in Zion, a precious stone, a chosen corner stone, held in honor in her foundation and the one believing in him shall never be put to shame. 17. And I will put justice for hope and my mercy for meager measure and the one trusting in vain falsehood be cause the rushing storm will not pass you by. 18. Except it takes away from you the covenant of death and your hope which you have toward Hades shall not remain. If it comes bringing the rushing storm you shall be trampled down by it. 19. When it does pass by it shall take you every morning it shall pass by in the day light and in the night it shall be an evil hope. Learn to listen. 20. Being crowded together we are not able to fight and we are weaker than they can gather us. 21. Just as a mountain of ungodly men he himself shall rise up in the valley of Gibeon. He shall do his work with fury, his bitter work and his fury shall be given to foreigners and his bitterness to foreigners. 22. And you will not be made happy and I hear of a completion from the Lord of hosts, the one who works on all the earth. 23. Listen and hear my voice, consider carefully and hear my words. 24. Is the plowman about to be plowing all day? Or prepare the seed before he works the earth? 25. Is it not when he levels the face of it? then he sows the black poppy and cumin then he sows wheat and barley and millet in his fields. 26. And his God teaches him judgment and he is made glad. 27. For the black poppy seed and the cumin are not cleansed with hard treatment but the black poppy is threshed with a stick and the cumin 28. is eaten with bread. For I will not be full of wrath to you forever, neither will the voice of my bitterness trample you. 29. And these portents come from the Lord of hosts. Consider them; lift up empty comfort.

Isaiah 29. 1. Woe to the city of Ariel (lion of God) which David conquered. Gather offspring year after year for you shall eat with Moab. 2. For I will greatly distress Ariel and her strength and wealth shall be mine. 3. And I will surround you like David did and I will cast a siege around you and I will put towers around you. 4. And your words shall be lowered to the earth and your words shall sink into the earth and your voice shall be as of those crying out of the earth and your voice shall be weak in the dirt. 5. And the riches of the ungodly shall be like dust and as foam being carried and it shall be instantly sudden 6. from the Lord of hosts. For he shall visit with thunder and earthquake and a great voice bearing a rushing storm and flames of devouring fire. 7. Ans he shall be as one dreaming in sleep. The wealth of all the nations as many as make war on Israel and all the armies on Jerusalem and all that gather together to trouble her 8. And it shall be like those who eat and drink in sleep and the dream is futile to him who wakes up and as if a thirsty man dreams he drank and wakes and is still thirsty and his soul has an empty hope, the same is the wealth of all the nations, as many as have made war against Mount Zion. 9. Be faint and astonished and sick, not from strong drink nor wine. 10. Because the Lord has given to you and your prophets and your rulers who see secret things, the spirit of a deep sleep 11. And all these things, these words, shall be as the concepts of this sealed book, which if they should give it to a man understanding letters, saying, Read these things and he shall say I am not able to read for it is sealed. 12. And this book shall be given into the hand of a man not knowing letters and he said to him, Read this and he shall say, I do not understand letters. 13. And the Lord said, This people comes near to me and honors me with their speech but their heart is held far away from me. And in vain they worship me teaching commandments and doctrines of men. 14. Therefore, behold, I will make this people depart and will remove them and will remove the wisdom of the wise and I will hide the understanding of the intelligent. 15. Woe to those making deep counsel but not from the Lord. Woe to those making counsel in secret and their works shall be in darkness and they shall say, Who understands us? And who knows what we are doing? 16. Shall you not be thought of as the potter;s clay? Shall the thing formed say to the one forming, You did not form me or the thing made to the one making, You did not make me intelligently. 17. Is it not yet only a little while that Lebanon shall be changed like Mount Carmel and Mount Carmel shall be reckoned a forest. 18. And in that day the deaf shall hear (Hebraism the words of the book) and those in darkness and those in dimness,-- the eyes of the blind shall see. 19. And the poor shall rejoice through the Lord with joyfulness and hopeless men shall be full of joyfulness. 20. Lawlessness fails and arrogance perishes and the lawless shall be destroyed in evil. 21. And the ones making men to sin by a word and all those offending making stumbling in the gates and have turned aside the righteous to unrighteousness. 22. Therefore thus says the Lord about the house of Jacob whom he separated out of Abraham, Jacob shall not be ashamed now nor shall he now change the face of Israel. 23. But when they behold his children, my works, through me they shall sanctify my name and they shall sanctify the Holy One of Jacob and they shall fear the God of Israel. 24. And those having a mistaken spirit shall know reason and those who teach the complainers to obey and the faulty speakers they shall teach to speak peace.

Isaiah 30. 1.Woe to the rebel children says the Lord. You make counsel but not with me and agreements but not by my Spirit adding sin upon sin. 2. The ones proceeding to go down into Egypt but not asking me, to get help from Pharaoh and protection from the Egyptians. 3. For Pharaoh’s protection shall be shame to you and the trust in Egypt shall be a disgrace. 4. For the leaders in Zoan are evil messengers and vain helpers. 5. To a people who will not help them nor support them nor benefit them, but will help you into shame and disgrace.

6. The Oracle of the four footed animals in the desert. In trouble and distress; from there is the lion and the lion's whelps and the serpents born from the flying serpents. The ones bearing their wealth to the nations on asses and camels. The one not helping them with support but with shame and disgrace. 7. Egypt will be a futile and empty help to you. Announce to them that this encouragement to you is idle talk. (LXX omits Hebrew text.“Their strength is to sit still” Rahab in Hebrew is translated strength by KJV)

8. Now therefore sit down and write these things on a tablet and in a book. That these things shall be for a length of days even for ever. 9. That this is a disobedient people, lying sons, they are those not wanting to hear the law of God. 10. The ones saying to the prophets do not announce anything to us and to the seers of visions do not speak to us. But speak and announce to us another deceit. 11. and turn us aside from this way, drag us away from this path, and drag us away from the Holy One of Israel. 12. Therefore thus says the Lord the Holy One of Israel, Because you reject these words and hope in lies and because you complain and have been trusting upon knowing this word, 13. Therefore this sin shall be to you like a suddenly falling thick besieged city wall 14. And this wall shall be like an earthen messenger of destruction as a shattered jar so that you will not find among them a shard in it to take up fire or with which you will take up a little water. 15. Thus says the Lord the Holy One of Israel, When turning aside you may groan then you will be saved and then you shall know where you were when you trusted in vanities and your strength was empty and you did not want to hear. 16. But you said we will escape on horses, therefore you shall escape and you dais we will be mounted on swift ones; therefore the ones pursuing you shall be swift. 17. Because a thousand shall flee at the voice of one and a multitude shall flee at the voice of five; until you who would be left are like a stick on a mountain or one bearing a a flag on a hill. 18. And God will still remain having pity on you and therefore be uplifted to have mercy on you because the Lord our God is a judge and where shall he leave your glory. Blessed are those who remain in him. 19. Because a holy people will dwell in Zion and (Hebraism weep weeping) will extremely weep saying Have mercy on me and he will have pity on the sound of your weeping when he will see you are listening to him. 20. And the Lord shall give to you bread of troubles and water of straitness and the ones deceiving you will no longer draw near you because your eyes will see those deceiving you. 21. And your ears shall hear the words of the ones behind you deceiving you. Those saying, This is the way, Let us walk in it either to the right or to the left. 22. And you shall exclude the plated and gilded idols you shall take them apart and crush them like discarded polluted water and like your dung thrust away. 23. Then there shall be rain for the seed of your land and the bread of the offspring of your land shall be plenteous and lush and your cattle in that day shall feed and drink in a spacious place. 24. Your oxen and your cattle that work the earth shall eat hay mixed with crushed barley. 25. And there shall be running water in that day on every lofty mountain and every high hill when many perish and the towers fall. 26. And the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun and the light of the sun will be seven times in the day when the Lord renews the destruction of his people and the anxiety of your wound will be healed. 27. Behold the name of the Lord is coming after long time burning fury. The reasonings of his speech are with glory, the reasoning full of anger and the anger of his fury shall devour like fire. 28. And his Spirit like rushing water in the valley shall go as far as the neck and be divided to deceive the nations by their vain deception; deception shall also pursue them and take their appearance down. 29. It is not necessary at all for you to rejoice and enter into my holy place because everyone is like those celebrating and like those rejoicing entering with a flute into the mountain of the Lord, to the God of Israel. 30. And God will make the glory of his voice heard and the fury of his Arm. He will make it known with fury and wrath and devouring flames. He shall strike with violent lightning bearing down with violent hail. 31. For the Assyrians shall be struck with a plague by the voice of the Lord with which he shall surely strike them. 32. And it shall be around him from every side which was his hope for support in which he trusted they shall change and fight against him with flute and harp 33. For you shall be brought up before a day and you are not being readied to reign but a deep abyss having wood, fire and much wood. The fury of the Lord like violent pain by divine burning.

Isaiah 31. 1. Woe to those going down into Egypt for help. To those trusting in horses and chariots for they are many and on an exceeding multitude of horses and they are not trusting on the holy one of Israel and they are not seeking God. 2. And he is wise. He brings evil on them and his word will not be rejected and he shall rise against the house of evil men and against their vain hope. 3. The Egyptians are men and not God and the horses are flesh and they shall not be a support but the Lord shall bring down his hand on them and the supporters shall lose heart and they shall all perish together. 4. Because thus says the Lord to me, Which as when a lion or his whelps would roar over the entrapped which he has taken and he cries out over it until the mountains are filled with his voice and they yield and they are terrified by the fulness of his fury, even so the Lord of hosts casts down making war on the mountains of Zion even on her mountains. 5. As flying birds just so the Lord will protect over Jerusalem, He will take out and he will preserve and he will save. 6. Repent those who advise deep counsels and lawlessness. 7. Because in that day men will reject and their man made idols of silver and gold which they made with their hands. 8. And the Assyrian shall fall; not the sword of a man, not the sword of humanity will devour him and he shall flee not from the presence of swords and the youths shall be failures. 9. For they shall be surrounded with stone as wia barricade and they shall be defeated and the one fleeing shall be destroyed. This says the Lord, Blessed is he who has his seed in Zion and relatives in Jerusalem.

Isaiah 32. 1. Behold a righteous king will reign and rulers shall rule with justice. 2. And a man shall guard his words and they shall be guarded as on rushing water and they shall shine in Zion as a river bearing glory in a thirsty land 3. And they shall no longer be trusting in men but they shall give their ears for listening. 4. And the heart of the weak ones will carefully listen. And the tongue of the inarticulate will swiftly learn to speak peace. 5. And they will no longer say, Let the fool rule. And your servants will no longer say, Shut up. 6. For the fool speaks foolishly and his heart will think vanities of complete lawlessness and to speak vaguely of God to the scattered hungry souls and making the thirsting souls foolish. 7. For the advise of the wicked is lawlessness. They give advise to deprave the humble with unrighteous words and to scatter the words of the downhearted in judgment. 8. But the godly give intelligent counsel and that counsel abides. 9. Rise up you rich women and hear my voice. Daughters with hope hear my words. 10. You shall remember for a full year in pain with hope. The harvest is destroyed the vintage has ceased, the seed has not sprouted yet. 11. Be amazed be saddened you trusting ones; take your clothes off let be women wrap your loins in sack cloth 12. and cut your breasts because of the desire of the field and the fruit of the vine. 13. The land of my people sprouts up weeds and thorns and joy is destroyed out of every house in the rich cities. 14. The wealth of the houses and the cities have been abandoned and the desirable houses are left behind and the villages shall become animal shelters forever, the joy of untamed asses. Feeding places for cattle. 15. Until the Spirit from on high comes upon you and Carmel shall be a desert and Carmel shall be reckoned as a woods. 16. Then judgment shall abide in the desert and and righteousness shall dwell in Carmel. 17. And the works of righteousness shall be peace and he shall keep the righteousness as a place of rest and security forever. 18. And his people shall dwell in cities of peace and he shall dwell in confidence and they shall have rest with wealth. 19. And if the hail comes down it will not happen on you. And the ones dwelling in the forests shall have confidence as much as those in the plain. 20. Blessed are those sowing by many waters where the ox and the asses walk.

Isaiah 33. 1. Woe to those causing you grief, but no one is making you grieve and the one rejecting you is not rejecting; they shall destroy the ones rejecting; they shall be betrayed like a moth on a garment; thus they shall be beaten. 2. Lord have mercy on us for we trusted in you. The seed of rebellion became destruction but our salvation was in a time of trouble. 3. The nations were astonished by your fearful voice and from fear of you the gentiles were scattered abroad. 4. But now your spoil shall be gathered, small and great, which is as if someone would gather cicadas, thus shall the mock you. 5. The holy God dwelling in exalted places has filled Zion with justice and righteousness. 6. They shall be delivered by the law; salvation is our treasure; wisdom, experience and piety are there before the Lord; these are the treasures of righteousness. 7. Behold now, in your fear they shall be afraid. They whom you now fear shall be afraid of you, for angels shall be sent desiring peace weeping in agony calling for peace. 8. For these roads shall be made desolate; he will make the fear of the nations to cease and he takes the covenant away from them and you will no longer consider them as men. 9. The earth shall be sad and Lebanon shall be ashamed. Sharon has become wet lands, Galilee and Carmel are bare, 10. Now I will stand up says the Lord, now I will be glorified, now I will be exalted 11. now you will see, now you will understand the strength of your spirit is vanity. Fire shall destroy you. 12. And the nations shall be burned up in a field thrown down and burned up. 13. Those that are far off shall hear what I have done; those who are near shall know my power. 14. The lawless have gone out of Zion, trembling will take hold of the ungodly, who will tell you that a fire is burning, who will tell you of the eternal place? 15. The one walking in righteousness, speaking a straight way, hating lawlessness and unrighteousness and the hands shaking off a bribe, closing his ears so he will not hear judgment of blood, closing his eyes so that he may not see unrighteousness. 16. The same shall dwell in a high cave of a strong rock; bread shall be given to him and his water shall be sure. 17. You shall see a king with glory; your eyes shall see a land a long way off. 18. Your soul will continue considering fear; where are the literate, where are the counselors, where are those counting the care givers? 19. even the small and large people, with whom he did not take counsel nor did he understand deep voices so that a deprecated people would not hear and that which is heard is not understood. 20, Behold Zion the city of our salvation, your eye shall see Jerusalem a wealthy city, whose tabernacles shall not be shaken nor shall the pegs of her tabernacles be moved for eternal time nor shall her ropes be ripped apart.. 21. Because the name of the Lord is great to you, a place is for you with extremely wide rivers, you shall not go this way nor shall ships be driven there. 22. for my God is great, the Lord will not pass me by, the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our ruler, the Lord is our king, He himself will save us. 22. Your ropes are broken because they were not strong, your mast fled it shall not let down the sails; it shall not lift up a signal until it is betrayed for plunder, therefore many lame shall make raiding plunder. 23. And the people dwelling with them shall not say I am sick for their sin is forgiven.

Isaiah 34. 1. Draw near nations and hear all rulers; let the earth and those in it hear, the inhabited earth and the people in it. 2. Because the fury of the Lord is on all nations and is wrath is on the number of them to destroy them and to deliver them for slaughter. 3. And their traumatized and the dead shall be thrown out and their smell shall go up and the mountains shall be made wet with their blood 4. and the heavens shall be rolled up like a scroll and all the stars will fall as leaves on a grapevine and as falling leaves on a fig tree. 5. My sword will be made drunk in the heavens; behold it shall come down on Idumea and on the people destroyed with justice. 6. The sword of the Lord shall be filled with blood; it is thick with the fat of rams and with the tallow of goats and rams because the Lord has a sacrifice in Bosra and a great slaughter in Idumea. 7. And the great ones and the rams and the bulls shall collapse with them and the earth shall be drunk with their blood and it shall be filled up with their fat. 8. For it is the day of the judgment of the Lord and the year of the recommence of Zion's justice. 9. And her valleys shall be changed into pitch and her land into sulfur and her land shall be burning as pitch night and day. 10. And it shall not be extinguished for ages of time. And her smoke shall ascend upward and she shall be laid waste for many generations. 11. And birds and hedgehogs and ibises and ravens shall dwell in it and the measuring cord of desolation shall be cast over it and the pelican shall dwell in it. 12. And her rulers shall not be. For her kings and her rulers and her great ones shall be destroyed. 13. And bitter thorns shall grow up in her cities and in her strongholds and there shall be enclosures for sirens and a courtyard of ostriches. 14. And demons shall meet in tombs and shout to each other. There the tombs shall rest for they found their place of rest. 15. There the hedgehog nests and the earth protects its offspring in safety, the deer are there and see each others faces. 16. A large number passed by and not one of them perished. They did not seek each other because the Lord commanded and his spirit led them. 17 And he cast lots for them and his hand distributes their feeding places forever. You shall inherit it and rest on it for generation after generation.

Isaiah 35. 1. Be joyful thirsty desert, Let the desert be glad and blossom like a lily 2. And the desert places of the Jordan shall blossom and rejoice and the glory of Lebanon and the honor of Carmel is given to it and my people shall see the glory of the Lord and the exaltation of God. 3. Strengthen the weak hands and the feeble knees. 4. Encourage the mentally depressed, be strong and do not fear. Behold our God repays justice and he will repay it. He leads and he saves us. 5. Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened and the ears of the deaf shall hear. 6. Them shall the lame leap like a deer and the stammering tongue shall speak plainly and water will break out in the desert and a gully in a thirsty land. 7. And the waterless areas shall become meadows and there shall be springs of water in a thirsty land and joyful birds, copses of tall grass and meadows will be there. 8. There shall be a pure way there and it shall be called a holy way and the unclean shall not go there neither shall there be an unclean way there and the diaspora shall walk in it and no one shall deceive. 9. And there shall be no lion there and no evil beast shall go there nor be found there but the ransomed shall walk in it. 10. And those gathered together by the Lord shall return and come into Zion with joy and everlasting joy on their head. Praise and happiness and and joy shall take hold of them and groaning, sadness and anxiety shall run away.

Isaiah 36. 1. In the fourteenth year of the kingdom of Hezekiah Sennacherib king of Assyria came up against the fortress cities of Judah and he took them. 2, And the King of Assyria sent Rapsakan from Lachish to Jerusalem to King Hezekiah with great power and he was by the waterway of the upper pool in the road of the stable keeper's field. 3. And Eliakim the son of Hilkiah the majordomo went out to him with Shebna the scribe and Joah the son of Asaph the recorder. 4. And Rapsakan said to them, Speak to Hezekiah, Thus says the king, the great king of Assyria, Why are you trusting? 5. Is counsel for battle plans carried on in words of speech and now on whom do you trust that you disobey me? 6 Behold you are trusting on this bruised reed staff, upon Egypt. Whoever is strengthened by him it shall go into his hand. Thus is Pharoah king of Egypt and all those trusting in him. 7. But if you say we are trusting in the Lord our God 8. Now mingle with my lord the king of Assyria and I will give you two thousand horses if you are able to put horsemen on them. 9. And how are you able to turn into the face of one ruler? The ones trusting on Egypt for horses and riders are our servants. 10 And now it is not without the Lord that we have come up to this region to war against it. 11. And Eliakim and Shebna and Joah said to him, Speak to your little one in Syrian for we understand it and don't speak to us in Jewish. And why do you speak in the ears of these on the wall? 12. And Rapsakan said to them, Has my lord not sent me to your lord and to you only to speak these words? Has he not sent me to those men sitting on the wall so that they may eat their own dung and drink their own urine together with you? 13. Then Rapsakan stood and shouted with a loud voice in Jewish and he said, Hear the words of the King of the great king of Assyria. 14. Thus says the king, Do not let Hezekiah's words deceive you. They will not be able to rescue you. 15. And do not let Hezekiah say that God will rescue you and that this city will not be delivered in to the hand of the king of Assyria. 16. Do not listen to Hezekiah. Thus says the king of Assyria, If you wish to be blessed come out to me and each one eat of his vineyard and fig tree and drink water from your own well. 17. Until when I will come and take you into a land like your own land, a land of wheat and wine and bread and vineyards. 18. Do not let Hezekiah deceive you saying your God will rescue you. The gods of the nations have not rescued each of his own land out of the hand of the king of the Assyrians. 19. Where is the god of Hamath and Arphad and where is the god of the Sepherim cities? He were not able to rescue Samaria out of my hand. 20. Which of the gods of all these nations rescued their land out of my hand? That God will rescue Jerusalem out of my hand? 21. And they kept silent and did not answer him a word because of the command of the king not to answer at all. 22. And Eliakim the son of Hilkiah the majordomo and Shebna the power scribe and Joah the son of Asaph the recorder went in to Hezekiah with cloths torn and they tolds the words of Rapsakan to him.

Isaiah 37. 1. And when Hezekiah the king heard he tore his garment and he cast on sack cloth and he went up into the house of the Lord. 2. And he sent Eliakim the majordomo and Shebna the scribe and the elders of the priests clad in sack cloth to Isaiah the son of Amoz the prophet. 3. And they said to him, Thus says Hezekiah, This is a day of trouble and insult and rebuke and anger, this very day. Because the pains of birth have come but she has no strength to bring forth. 4. Let the Lord your God hear the words of Rapsakan whom the king of Assyria has sent to insult the living God, and to insult with words which the Lord your God has heard and you shall plead with the Lord your God concerning this remnant. 5. The servant of king Hezekiah went to Isaiah. 6. And Isaiah said to them, Thus you shall say to your lord, Thus says the Lord, Be not afraid of the words which you have heard with which the elders of the Assyrian king insulted me. 7. Behold I will send a spirit and upon hearing a message he will return into his own country and he shall fall by the sword in his own land. 8. And Rapsakan returned and he received the king besieging Pelusiam and the king of the Assyrians heard that. 9. Taraka the king of the Ethiopians came to war against him. And hearing it he turned and he sent a message to Hezekiah, saying. 10. Thus you shall say to Hezekiah the king of the Jews, Do not let your God upon whom you are trusting deceive you saying Jerusalem will not be delivered into the hands of the king of the Assyrians. 11. Have you not heard that which the king of the Assyrians did to the whole earth yo destroy it? 12. Have the gods of the nations which my fathers destroyed deliver them? Both Gozan and Charan and Raphes 2which are in the land of Themad. Where are the kings of Aimath and Arphath and the cities of Sepherim, Arvag and Ourgaua? 14. An Hezekiah took the scroll from the messenger and he opened it before the Lord. 15. And Hezekiah prayed to the Lord saying, 16. Lord of hosts, the God of Israel who sits on the Cherubim, you alone are God of all the kingdoms of the inhabited earth. You have made the heaves and the earth. 17. Hear Lord, see Lord and behold the words which Sennacherib has sent insulting the living God. 18. For it is true the king of the Assyrians has laid bare the whole earth and their countries, 19. And he has cast their idols into the fire for they are not gods but the work of men's hands. Wood and stone they have destroyed them. 20. But you O Lord our God have saved us out of their hand, so that all the kings of the earth will know that you are the only God. 21. And Isaiah son of Amoz sent to Hezekiah and he said to him. Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, I have heard that which you prayed to me concerning Sennacherib the king of the Assyrians. 22. This is the word that God has spoken concerning him, The virgin daughter of Zion has despised and ridiculed you, the daughter of Jerusalem has shaken her head at you. 23. Whom have you insulted and provoked and to whom have you lifted up your voice? And have you not lifted up on high your eyes against the holy one of Israel. 24. Because you insulted the Lord through a messenger because you said to a great number of sinners I have ascended up to the highest and to the uttermost part of Lebanon and I have cut off the highest of his cedars and the beauty of the cypresses and I entered into the highest of the wooded areas. 25. And I made a bridge and laid waste water and and every gathering together of water.

26. Have you not heard the things that I did long ago? I commanded them from ancient days but now they appear to make the nations desolate in strongholds and those dwelling in strong cities. 27. I weakened their hands and they dried up and they became like dry grass and as fodder on the house tops. 28. And now I know your stopping and your going out and your coming in. 29. And the fury of your anger and the bitterness that you have raised to me, and I will put a hook in your nose and a bridle in your mouth and I will return you in the way in which you came. 30. And this shall be a sign to you, Eat this year that which you have sown, but the second year the remnant but in the third sow and reap and plant a vineyard and eat their fruit. 31. And it shall be that the remnant in Judah shall grow roots downward and make seed upward. 32. And the remnant shall go out of Jerusalem and the saved out of Zion. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will do this. 33. Because of this, thus says the Lord about the king of the Assyrians, He shall not enter into this city nor will he throw an arrow at it nor bring a shield to it nor build a siege machine around it. 34. But in the way that he came he shall return in it. Thus says the Lord. 35. I will watch over this city to save it on account of myself and on account of my servant David.

36. And an angel of the Lord went out and he killed out of the camp of the Assyrians one hundred eighty five thousand and when they arose in the morning they found the dead bodies. 37. And the king of the Assyrians turned and went and resided at Nineveh. 38. And when he was praying in the house of Nisrock his fatherland god, Adramelek and Sarassar his sons struck him with the sword and they fled into Armenia and Essarhadan his son reigned after him.

Isaiah 38. 1. And at that time Hezekiah was stricken with a malady to death. And Isaiah the son of Amoz the prophet came to him and he said to him, Thus says the Lord, Give orders concerning your house because you shall die and not live. 2. And Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and prayed to the Lord. 3. saying, Lord remember how I walked before you in truth with a true heart and I did the things pleasing to you before you; and Hezekiah cried a great cry. 4. And the word of the Lord came to Isaiah saying. 5. Go and say to Hezekiah, Thus says the Lord the God of David your father. I have heard the voice of your prayers and I have seen your tears. Behold I have added to your time fifteen years. 6. And I will save you out of the hand of the king of the Assyrians and I will watch over this city. 7. And this is the sign for you from the Lord that God will do this event. 8. The shadow of the degrees by which the sun has gone down, the ten degrees of the house of your father, I will return the sun ten degrees and the sun went up ten degrees by which the shadow had gone down. 9. The prayer of Hezekiah king of Judah when he was sick and when he was raised out of his sickness.

10. I said in the height of my days at the gate of Hades, I will leave my remaining years. 11, I said I will no longer see the salvation of God upon the earth neither will I see men of my family. 12. I have left the remainder of my life. It has gone out and passe from me just as an erected tabernacle is taken down. My breath was with me as a weaver's loom when she draws near to cut the thread. 13. In that day I was delivered in the morning as a lion, thus he has broken my bones for from the day until the night I am delivered up. 14. Thus I will cry out like a swallow and like a dove thud I morn, for my eyes have failed from looking into the height of heaven to the Lord. Who has taken me out. 15. He has removed the sorrow of my soul. 16. For Lord concerning this it has been told to you and you have lifted up my breath and encouraged me and I live. 17. For you have chosen my soul in order that I might not perish and you have cast all my sins behind me. 18. For all those in Hades shall not praise you nor shall the dead bless you, nor shall those in Hades hope for your acts of charity. 19. The living shall bless you as I do, for from today I shall make a child who shall announce your righteousness. 20. O Lord you are my savior and I shall not cease to praise you with many psalteries all the days of my life in the presence of the house of God. 21. And Isaiah said to Hezekiah, Take and anoint a plaster cake of figs on the wound and you shall be healed. 22. And Hezekiah said, This is the sign that I will go up into the house of the Lord God.

Isaiah 39. 1. In that period of time Maradach son of Laadan the king of the Babylonians a letter and elders and gifts to Hezekiah for he heard that he had been sick to death and he was healed. 2. And Hezekiah greeted them with great gladness and he showed them the house of his spices and the incense and the perfumes and the silver and the gold and all the houses with the vessels of Gaza and everything that was in his treasuries and there was not anything that was in his house that Hezekiah did not show. 3. And Isaiah the prophet came to king Hezekiah and he said to him, What are these men saying and how did they happen to come to you? And Hezekiah said they came to me from a far away land, from Babylon. 4. And Isaiah said what did they see in your house? And Hezekiah said they saw all the things in my house. And Hezekiah said there is nothing in my house that they did not see and also the things in my treasuries. 5. And Isaiah said to him, Hear the the word of the Lord of hosts, 6. Behold the days are coming says the Lord, that all the things that are in your house shall be taken and as much as your fathers have gathered together until these days he shall lead them into Babylon and they shall leave nothing, says God indeed. 7. And from the children born from you they shall take and make them eunuchs in the house of the king of the Babylonians. 8. And Hezekiah said to Isaiah, Good is the word of the Lord which he has spoken. Let there then be peace and righteousness in my days.

Isaiah 40. 1. Comfort you, comfort you my people, says God. 2. O priests speak to the heart of Jerusalem and comfort her because her humiliation has been completely filled up, her sin has been put away because she has received from the Lord's hand double for her sins. 3. A voice crying in the wilderness, Make ready the way of the Lord. Make straight paths for our God. 4. Every valley shall be filled and every mountain and hill shall be made level and the crooked places made straight and the rough places plain. 5. And they shall see the Glory of the Lord and all flesh shall see the salvation of God because the Lord has spoken. 6. And a voice was saying. Shout and he said what shall I shout? All flesh is grass and all the glory of men is as the flower of grass. 7. The grass dries up and its flower falls. 8. But the word of our Lord abides for ever. 9. You who brings the glad tidings of Zion, Lift up your strong voice. The ones bringing glad tidings to Jerusalem lift it up, do not be afraid and say to the cities of Judah, Behold your God. 10. Behold the Lord is coming with strength and his arm with authority. Behold his reward is with him and his work is before him. 11. He shall shepherd his followers like a shepherd and he shall gather the lambs in his arms and he shall comfort those who are with child.

12. Who measured the water with his hand and the heavens with a span and all the earth in handfuls who placed the mountains pillars and the valleys in a scale? 13. Who knows the mind of the Lord and who has become his counselor? Who instructs him? 14. Or who counseled him and taught him or who explained judgment to him or the way of understanding? Who made it known to him? 15. All the nations are thought of as a drop in a jar and as a slight movement of a balance scale and are thought of as spit. 16. And Lebanon is not enough for burning and all four footed animals are not enough for one holocaust. 17. And all the nations as nothing are reasoned to be nothing. 18. To whom have you compared the Lord and with what likeness will you compare him. 19. Has not the artist made and image or the goldsmith having cast melted gold he gilds over it. He makes it a likeness. 20. For the artist picks out wood that will not decay and wisely seeks how he will set up his image so that it will not shake. 21. Will you not know, will you not hear, has it not been told to you from the beginning, Have you not known the foundation of the earth? 22. He is the one sitting on the circle of the earth and those dwelling in it are like grasshoppers. He that set up heaven as and arched place and stretched it out like a tabernacle to dwell in. 23. The one who gives rulers to rule nothing and he made the earth as nothing. 24. For they shall not sow, neither will they plant nor will their root take root in their earth. He shall blow on them and they will dry up and a storm shall take them away like kindling wood. 25. Now therefore to whom have to compared me and I will be exalted says the holy one. 26. Lift up your eyes to the world above and see who has made known all these things? The one who brings out his cosmos by number. He calls them all by name through great glory and mighty power. Nothing escapes you.

27. O Jacob, do not say and what has Israel spoken, Why is my way hidden from God? And my God has taken my judgment way and has left. 28. And now have you not known, have you not heard that the eternal God, the God who has prepared the uttermost parts of the earth shall not be hungry nor be tired nor is there any searching out of his wisdom. 29. Giving strength to the hungry and sorrow to those not suffering. 30. For the young men shall hunger and the youths be weary and the elect shall be powerless. 31. But those who wait for God shall take on strength they shall have wings like eagles They shall run and not be tired they shall walk and not hunger.

Isaiah 41. 1. O islands, consecrate yourselves to me, for the rulers shall renew strength, Let us draw near and let us speak together, then let us proclaim justice. 2. Who has raised up a righteous person from the east (Cyrus). He has called her (Heb him) down to his feet. And he shall proceed and I will give the nations before him and he shall astonish kings and he shall put their swords into the earth and he shall drive away their bows like sticks. 3. And he shall pursue them and the way of his feet shall go up in peace. Who has worked and has done these things. He has called them. The one calling them from ancient generations. I am God from first and from oncoming I Am (ego eimi) 5. The nations have seen and have been afraid. The outermost parts of the earth have drawn near and gathered together. 6. And he shall say, Each one is preferring his neighbor and helping his brother. 7. The building man has become strong and the metal worker is striking with a hammer producing together. Then indeed he will say, It is put together well, let us fasten them with a nail, they place them and they can not be moved. 8. And you Israel, my child Jacob, Whom I have chosen, seed of Abraham whom I have loved. 9. Whom I have returned from the utter most ends of the earth and I have called you from the highest places and I said, You are my child. I have chosen you and I shall never leave you. 10. Fear not for I am with you. Do not be misled for I am your God the on who strengthens you and I have helped you and have made you secure with my righteous right hand. 11. All your enemies shall be ashamed and embarrassed for they shall be as if they did not exist and those speaking against you shall be destroyed. 12. You shall seek them and you shall not find the men who play drunken tricks against you, for they shall be as if they do not exist. And they shall not be able to wage war against you. 13. Because I am your God, the almighty, your right hand, the one saying to you, Fear not. 14. Jacob very small, Israel, I have helped you. Israel, God the one ransoming you speaks 15. Behold I have made you like a new threshing wagon wheel like a saw and you shall thresh the mountains and winnow the hills and shall make them like powder. 16. And crush them. And the wind shall take them away and a rushing storm shall scatter them. And you shall be made glad in the holy one of Israel. 17. And the poor and needy shall exceedingly rejoice. For when they shall seek water, and there is none or their tongue from the thirst is dried up, I, the Lord God, I myself the God of Israel will hear and I will not forsake them. 18. But I will open all the rivers on the mountains and springs in the midst of the plains. I will make the desert into wet lands and the thirsty land into water ways. 19. And I will put into the waterless land cedar and boxwood trees and myrtle and poplar. 20. So that they may behold and know and think on and believe together that the hand of the Lord shall do these things and the holy one of Israel makes them known. 21. Your judgment comes near says the Lord God, your counsels have come near says the King of Jacob. 22. Let them come near, let them announce to you that which will happen or tell what were the original things and we can set our minds and know what the last day things are and you can tell us the things that are to come. 23. Tell the things that are to come in the last days and we will know that you are gods. Do good and do evil and we will marvel and behold together. 24. Where are you from? Where are your works from? From the earth. They have chosen you, an abomination. 25. And I have raised up one from the north and one from the rising of the sun. They shall be called by my name. Let rulers come and as potter's clay and as the potter tramples the clay, you shall be trampled in the same way. 26. For who will declare the things from the beginning so that we may know and the first things and we will tell them because they are truth. There is no one foretelling nor those hearing your words. 27. I will give rulers to Zion and I will comfort Jerusalem in the way. 28. For behold from the nations there is no one and and there is not one speaking a message from their idols. And if I would ask them, Where are you from? They could not answer me. 29. For these are the one fashioning you and they are deceiving you in vain.

Isaiah 42. 1. Jacob, my child, I have laid claim to you. Israel my chosen, my soul has welcomed you. I have given my spirit to you. He shall perform judgment to the nations. 2. He shall not cry out nor lift his voice, neither shall his voice be heard outside. 3. He will not break a bruised reed nor quench smoking flax. But he will lead judgment into truth. 4. He shall shine and shall not be overwhelmed until he has set judgment in the earth and in his name the nations shall hope. 5 Thus says the Lord God, the one making the heaven and building it up. The one strengthening the earth and the things in it and gives breath to the people in it and and a spirit to those walking in it. 6. I the Lord God have called you in righteousness and I will hold your hand and strengthen you and I will give as a covenant of ethnicities for a light of the gentiles. 7. Opening the eyes of the blind, releasing the chains of those in chains and bringing out those sitting in darkness in the prison house. 8. I am the Lord God, that is my name; I will not give my glory to another nor my virtue to carved idols. 9. Behold the things from the beginning have happened and now I announce new things and before they appear it is made known to you.

10. Sing to the Lord a new song you of his power. Glorify his name from the utter most ends of the earth. Those going down into the sea and sailing in it, the islands and those dwelling in them. 11. Let the desolate places and the villages rejoice, the sheepfolds and the dwellers in Kedar; The dwellers in Petra will be make glad, Let them shout from the tops of the mountains. 12. They shall give glory to God; they shall proclaim his virtue in the islands. 13. The Lord God almighty will go forth to abolish war. He will rise up with zeal and shout upon his enemies with strength. 14. I will not always be silent and forbear, I have persevered like one giving birth. I will amaze and wither at the same time. 15. I will make rivers into islands and I will dry up the wet lands. 16. I will lead the blind in a way that they did not know and I will make them walk in paths that they had not known. I will make darkness into light for them and I will make the crooked straight and I will do these words and not abandon them. 17. But they have turned back behind (Hebraism: ashamed ashamed) Be extremely ashamed, you who are trusting in carved idols. You who are saying to metal idols. You are our gods. 18. O deaf you shall hear and blind shall lift their sight to see. 19. And who is blind but my servant and deaf but the ones ruling over them and the servants of God have been blinded. 20. You have seen often and not obeyed; the ears have been opened and you have not heard. 21. The Lord has purposed that he will be justified and might enlarge praise. 22. And I beheld and the people have been spoiled and plundered for there is a snare in the chambers everywhere and 10. in the houses at the same time where they hid them; They became a spoil and there was no one taking out the plunder and there was no one saying, Pay. 23. Who among you is listening to these things, he shall listen to the things happening. 24. and they did not desire to follow in his ways nor to hear his laws. 25. Who had given Jacob for plundering and Israel to those spoiling him? Was it not God to whom they sinned against him? 26. And he brought on them the fury of his anger and made their war stronger and the ones burning around them and not any of them knew nor took it to heart.

Isaiah 43. 1. And now, thus says the Lord God, the one making you Jacob, the one shaping you, Israel, Fear not because I have ransomed you. I have called your name, you are mine. 2. And if you cross through the waters I am with you and the rivers shall not cover you and if you go through the fire you will not be burned, a flame will not burn you. 3. Because I am the Lord your God, the holy one of Israel, the one saving you, I will make an exchange for Egypt and Ethiopia and Aswan for you. 4. From when you became esteemed in my presence you have been glorified and I loved you and I will give many people for you and rulers for your head. 5. Fear not for I am with you. I will bring your seed from the east and I will gather you from the west. 6. I will say to the north, Come, and to the southwest (Hebrew: Libya or Africa) Do not withhold. Come my sons from the far away land and my daughters from the ends of the earth. 7. Even as many as are called by my name for I will construct him in my glory and I will shape him and form him. 8. And I have led out a blind people, and their eyes are also blind and the ones having ears are deaf. 9. All the nations shall be gathered together and the rulers shall be gathered out of them. Who shall declare these things or who shall tell the things that are from the beginning to you? Let them gather their witnesses and let them be justified and tell the truth. 10. You are my witnesses and I am a witness says the Lord God and the child whom I have chosen, so that you might know and might believe and understand that I Am (ego eimi) before me there is no other god and there is none after me. 11. I am God and beside me there is no Savior. 12. I have announced and I have saved, I have reproached and there was no foreign god among you. You are my witnesses and I am a witness says the Lord God. 13. Yet from the beginning there is no one who can take anything out of my hands. I shall work and who can turn it aside? 14. Thus says the Lord God who redeems you, the holy one of Israel, Because of you I will send into Babylon and I will stir up all the ones escaping and the Chaldeans shall be bound in boats. 15. I am the Lord God your holy one making known to Israel your king. 16. Thus says the Lord, the one making a way in the sea and a path in the mighty waters. 17. The one bringing out chariots and horses and strong crowds but they fell asleep and did not stand. They are extinguished and extinguished flax. 18 You do not remember the first things and you do not talk about the ancient things. 19. Behold I will make a new thing and now it will appear and you will know it and I will make a way in the desert and rivers in the dry land. 20. The beasts of the field shall praise me, sirens and daughters of great birds because I have given water in the desert and rivers in the dry land to give water to my chosen race. 21. My people whom I have preserved to fully set forth my wonderful deeds. 22. I have not called you now, O Jacob, neither have I made you lose heart O Israel. 23. You have not given to me the sheep of your whole sacrifice neither do you glorify me in your sacrifices nor have I made you weary with frankincense. 24. Nor have you brought me silver or incense nor did I desire the fat of your sacrifices, but you stood before me in your sins and your unrighteousness. 25. I AM, (ego eimi) even I AM (ego eimi) the one wiping away your lawlessness and I do not remember them. 26 But you remember and let us decide. First you tell your lawlessness so that you might be made righteous. 27. Your first fathers and their rulers have acted lawlessly to me. 28. And the rulers defiled my holy things and I gave Jacob to destruction and Israel to disgrace.

Isaiah 44. 1. And now hear my child Jacob and Israel whom I have chosen. 2. Thus says the Lord God, the one making you and the one molding you from the womb, You shall yet be cured . Fear not my child Jacob and the beloved Israel whom I have chosen. 3. I will give water to the thirsty who walk in a dry land. I will place my Spirit on your seed and my blessings upon your children. 4. And they shall rise up like grass on the midst of the waters and like willows upon the flowing water. 5. And one shall say I am from God and this one shall call by the name of Jacob and another shall write I am from God upon the name of Israel. 6. Thus says God the king of Israel, who has redeemed him, the God of hosts, I am the first and I am after these things and beside me there is no God. 7. Who is just as I am? Let him stand, let him call, let him make ready for me from when I made man for eternity and let him proclaim to you the things that are coming before they came. 8. Do not hide yourselves, have you not listened from the beginning when I told you. You yourselves are witnesses, if there is a god beside me and they are not then. 9. Those molding idols carved all in vain doing their own mind which can not help them but they shall be ashamed 10. All those fashioning a god and carving an unprofitable thing. 11. And all from where they became have been dried up. Let all the deaf ones from men be gathered together and let them be embarrassed and ashamed together. 12. Because the builder opens the iron, he works it with and adze and bores it with a drill. He works it with the strength of his arms and he will be hungry and weak and can not drink water. 13. The builder having chosen a piece of wood measures it and beautifies it and he makes it like the form of a man and like the youthfulness of a man to stand it in a house. 14. He cuts wood out of the forest which the Lord planted and the rain was lengthening it 15. So that it might be for men to burn and having taken from it he is warmed and burning they bake bread from it and the rest they make into a god and they worship it. 16. From half of it they burn in fire and burning they bake bread on it and from it he eats roasted meat and he is filled. And being warmed he says. I feel good because I am warmed and I have seen the fire. 17. And the rest he makes into a carved idol and he worships it and he prays saying, Deliver me for your are my god. 18. They do not know enough to consider because they have been blinded from seeing with their eyes and from understanding their own heart. 19. And he has not reasoned in his heart nor considered in his soul nor does he know by wisdom that half of it he burned in fire and he baked bread and ate roast meat upon its coals and he made the rest of it into an abomination and they worshiped it. 20. Know that their heart is ashes and they deceive themselves and no one is able to deliver his soul. Behold you will not say, There is falsehood in my right hand.

21 Remember this Jacob and Israel, that you are my child. Because you are my child I fashioned you as my child. Israel, do not forget me. 22. For behold I have erased your lawlessness like a cloud and your sin like darkness. Turn to me and I will redeem you. 23. Rejoice heavens, because God has mercy on Israel, sound the trumpet you foundations of the earth, shout joyfully you mountains and hills and all the trees in them because the Lord has redeemed Jacob and Israel shall be glorified. 24. Thus says the Lord, the one redeeming you and the one fashioning you from the womb. I am the Lord the one causing all things to exist, I alone am stretching out the heavens and established the earth. 25. What other can scatter abroad the the false voices and divinations from their hearts turning the wise back and their desires into foolishness. 26 And establishing the word of his servant and the will of his true messengers. The one saying to Jerusalem you shall be built and to the cities of Judah, You shall have been inhabited. And her desert places shall rise. 27. He who says to the Abyss you shall be dried up and to the rivers I will dry you up. 28. The one saying to Cyrus, Be wise and he will perform all my desires. The one saying to Jerusalem you shall be inhabited and to my holy house I will lay the foundation.

Isaiah 45. 1. Thus says the Lord God to my anointed (Christos) Cyrus, whose right hand I have held so that nations will obey before him and I will rip the strength of kings. I will open the gates before him and the cities shall not be closed. 2. I will go before you and level the mountains. I will break in pieces the bronze gates and I will break the iron bars. 3. And I will give you the treasures of darkness. I will open hidden and invisible things to you so that you may know that I am the Lord God who is calling your name, the God of Israel. 4. Because of Jacob my servant and Israel my chosen I shall call you by your name and I will accept you. You have not known me. 5. Because I am the Lord God and moreover there is no God beside me. And you had not known me. 6. So that those from the rising of the sun and those from the west might know that there is none beside me. I am the Lord God and there is no other. 7. I am the one who prepared the light and I made the darkness, I am the one making peace and creating evil. I am the Lord God who is making these things. 8. Let the heavens above rejoice and the clouds rain down righteousness. Let the earth raise up mercy and righteousness. Let them rise up together. I AM (ego eimi) the Lord who created you. 9. What kind of good thing have I prepared as clay from the potter? Will the plowman plow the earth the whole day? The clay does not say to the potter, What are you making? Because you are not working and you do not have hands. 10. One says to his father what have you begotten? And to his mother, What are you birthing? 11. Thus says the Lord God the holy one of Israel the one who makes the things that are coming, Ask me concerning my sons and concerning my daughters and concerning the works of my hands . Command me! 12. I have made the earth and the men in it and I have strengthened heaven with my hand, I have commanded all the stars. 13. I have raised him to rule with righteousness and all his ways are right. Thus he shall build up my city and he shall turn aside the shame of my people. Not for money nor for gifts says the Lord of hosts. 14. Thus says the Lord of hosts, Egypt shall labor for you and the business of Ethiopia and the Sabeans, men of high position shall cross over to you and they shall be your servants and they shall walk behind you bound hand and foot and they shall bow to you and pray to you because God is in you. And there is no God beside your God. 15. For you are God and we did not know it. The God and savior of Israel. 16. All those acting against him shall be ashamed and they shall walk in shame. Islands, You exist because of me. 17. Israel is being saved by the Lord the eternal savior. They shall not be ashamed nor put to shame for ever.

18. Thus says the Lord the one who made the heavens, the same God who created the earth and made it. He marked divisions in it and he did not create it in vain, but he made it to be inhabited. I AM (ego eimi)and there is no one else. 19. I have not spoken in secret not in a dark corner of the earth. I have not said to the seed of Jacob, Seek futility. I AM (ego eimi) I AM (ego eimi) the Lord speaking righteousness and proclaiming truth. 20. Gather yourselves and take counsel together, you who are being saved from the nations. Those who raise up their carved wooden idols are ignorant and so are those worshiping gods who can not save. 21. If they will proclaim let them draw near so that they may know together who has made these things to be heard from the beginning, then it was told to you. I am God and there is not another beside me. Just and a savior, there is none beside me. 22. Turn to me and be saved, you from the utmost ends of the earth. I AM (ego eimi) the God and there is no other. 23. I swear by myself, Surely righteousness shall proceed out of my mouth and my words shall not be turned aside that every knee shall bow to me and every tong shall confess to God saying, They shall bring righteousness and glory to him and all those excluding themselves shall be ashamed. 24. All the seed of the sons of Israel shall be justified by the Lord and they shall be glorified in God.

Isaiah 46. 1. Bel has fallen, Dagon is broken in pieces. Their carved idols have gone to the wild animals and cattle. Take them up and wrap them up as cargo for the weary 2. and hungry and feeble and at the same time weak. Who will not be able to be saved from war and they shall be carried off captive. 3. Hear me house of Jacob and all the remnant of Israel those being carried from the womb and have been taught as children. 4. Until old age I AM (ego eimi) and until when you grow old I AM (ego eimi). I hold you up. I make and I will relieve. I will take hold of you and I will save you. 5. Who will you compare me to. Behold those who use cunning arts are self deceived. 6. Those who bring together gold out of a pouch ans silver in a scale, they weigh it in a balance and hiring a goldsmith they make hand made idols and bowing sown they worship them. 7. They take it up on the shoulder and walk and if they put it on its place, it remains there. It can not move and whoever would cry out to it. It can not hear him; it can not save him from evil. 8. Remember these things and groan. Repent. Let those who are deceiving return to their heart. 9 And remember the first things from eternity, that I AM (ego eimi) God and there is none except for me. 10. Telling the most extreme things before they exist and they are completed at the same time. I have said. All my will shall stand. And all things as many as I have have willed I will do. 11. Calling a bird from the east (Cyrus) and from a far off land concerning that which I have planned. I have spoken and I will carry it out. I have led him and I will make his way prosperous. 12. Listen to me you with a boring presence who are far from righteousness. 13. I have brought my righteousness near and I will not be slow with the salvation that is from me. I have given salvation in Zion and glory to Israel.

Isaiah 47. 1. Come down, sit upon the earth O virgin daughter of Babylon. Go into darkness, daughter of the Chaldeans. Because you shall no longer be granted to be called tender and delicate. 2. Take a mill stone and grind wheat, uncover your gray hair expose your leg. Go across the rivers. 3. Your shame shall be uncovered, your disgrace shall be manifested, I have taken your righteousness from you, I shall no longer deliver men. 4. Your rescuer, the Lord of hosts is his name, the holy one of Israel said: 5. Sit down and be greatly troubled, daughter of the Chaldeans, you shall go into darkness. You shall no longer be called a strong kingdom. 6. I have been provoked by my people, you defiled my inheritance. I gave them into your hand but you gave them no mercy, you oppressed the aged with a very heavy yoke. 7. And you said, I shall be a ruler forever, you did not imagine these things in your heart nor did you consider the ultimate end of things. 8. And now hear these things you effeminate one sitting in security. The one saying in her heart I AM (ego eimi) and there is no other. I shall not sit as a widow nor shall I know orphan hood. 9. But now these two things shall come upon you immediately in one day, widowhood and childlessness shall come immediately in your witchcraft and in the strength of your many charms 10. For the hope of your evil. For you said, I Am (ego eimi) and there is no other. Know the understanding of these things and your fornication shall be your shame. 11. And destruction shall come on you and you will not be aware, the pit and you shall fall into it and hardship shall come on you and you shall not be able to become clean and destruction shall come on you and you shall not know it. 12. Stand now with your charms and your many witchcrafts which you were learning from your youth, if you are able to b helped by them. 13. You have become weary in your intentions Let your astrologers of heaven stand up and let them save you. Let the ones studying the stars tell you what to do and where to go. 14. Behold they all shall be burned up as wood in the fire and they shall not take up their soul out of the flames because you have coals of fire to sit upon. 15. This shall be your support, you are discouraged by the changes in growth from your youth, every man has deceived himself. They shall not be salvation for you.

Isaiah 48. 1. Hear this O house of Jacob who have been called by the name of Israel and those coming out of Judah and swearing by the name of the Lord God of Israel, remembering but not with truth nor with righteousness. 2. Clinging to the name of the holy cities and holding onto the God of Israel, The Lord of hosts is his name. 3. I have declared the former things and they have gone forth out of my mouth and it was heard, I worked in an instant and they happened. 4. I know that you are violent and have an iron tendon in your neck and your forehead is made of brass. 5. And I told you long ago before it happened to you I made you to hear that you might say my idols made it for me and that you might say my graven and molten images informed me. 6. You have heard all these things but you have not understood but I have caused you to hear that I make new things from now which are about to happen and you have not said them. 7. They are to happen now and not long ago and you have not heard them from the beginning of days and you can not say, Yes I know them. 8. You have not known nor understood nor have I opened your ear from the beginning. For I knew that (Hebraism atheton athetaseis) you were not reliable and that you would be called lawless from the womb. 9. Because of my own name I will show to you my fury but I will bring my glory on you so that I might not utterly destroy you. 10. Behold I have sold you but not for silver but I have taken you out of a furnace of destitution. 11. For my own self I will do this to you because my name is defiled and I will not give my glory to another. 12. Listen to me Jacob and Israel whom I am calling, I AM (ego eimi) first and I AM (ego eimi) forever. 13. And my hand has laid the foundation of the earth and my right hand has strengthened the heaven. I have called them and they shall strand together. 14. And they all shall be gathered together and they shall hear. Who has proclaimed these things to them? Because of loving you I have done your will on Babylon by destroying the seed of the Chaldeans. 15. I spoke, I called, I led them and I made his way prosperous. 16. Approach me and hear these things, From the beginning I have not spoken in secret, nor in the place of a dark earth whenever it was I was there and now the Lord has sent me and his Spirit. (The Hebrew idiom is not translated properly here but the syntax is followed. The idiom is: a plural subject takes a singular verb. The phrase should be: “and now the Lord and his Spirit has sent me.” But even in error the passage is still the only “Trinitarian” passage in the Old Testament.) 17. Thus says the Lord your redeemer, the holy one of Israel, I AM (ego eimi) your God, I have shown you how to find your way in which you should walk in it. 18. And if you had listened to my commandment then your peace would be like a river and your righteousness like the waves of the sea. 19. And your seed like the sand and the descendents from your womb like the dust of the earth. Nor now you shall not be utterly destroyed nor shall your name be taken from my presence. 20. Go out of Babylon, flee from the Chaldeans. Proclaim a voice of joyfulness and let this be heard; proclaim it to the ends of the earth, Say, The Lord has redeemed his servant Jacob. 21. And if they are thirsty, he will lead them through the desert; he will bring out water out of the rock for them; he will split the rock and water will flow and my people shall drink. 22. There is no joy for the ungodly says the Lord.

Isaiah 49. 1.Hear me O Islands and consider carefully O nations, after a long time it shall stand says the Lord, He has called my name out of my mother's womb. 2. He has made my mouth like a sharp sword and he has hidden me under the shelter of his hand; he has made me as a chosen arrow and has sheltered me in his quiver. 3. And he said to me you are my servant, Israel and I shall be glorified in you. 4. Then I said, I have labored for no purpose; I have futilely given my strength for nothing; therefore my judgment is with the Lord and my labor is in the presence of my God. 5. And now thus says the Lord, the one molding me from the womb as a servant for himself for the purpose of gathering Jacob and Israel to him. I shall be gathered and I shall be glorified before the Lord and my God shall be my strength. 6. And he said to me, It is a great thing for your to be called my servant for the purpose of establishing the tribes of Jacob and returning the dispersed of Israel, Behold I have given you for a covenant of nations a light of the gentiles for you to be a savior to the ends of the earth. 7. Thus says the Lord the one redeeming you, the God of Israel, Sanctify the one who depreciates his own soul, the one who is grossly insulted by the nations by the servants of the rulers. Kings shall see him and rulers shall stand up and worship him because of the Lord because the holy one of Israel is faithful and I have chosen him. 8. Thus says the Lord, I have heard you in an appropriate time and I have helped you in the day of salvation and I have given you as a covenant for the gentiles for the purpose of appointing the earth and inheriting desert heritages. 9. Saying to those in chains, Come out and to those in darkness be uncovered; and they shall be fed in all their ways and there shall be pastures in all their paths. 10. They shall not hunger nor shall they thirst nor shall scorching heat nor the sun strike them but the one having mercy on them shall comfort them and he shall lead them through springs of water. 11. And I will make every mountain into a road and all paths into pastures for them. 12. Behold these are coming from a long way off and these from the north and these from the sea (meaning west) and others of different kind from the land of the Persians (meaning east) (the M.T. Has Sinim or China). 13. Let the heavens be glad and the the earth be joyful; let the mountains shout joyfulness and the hills righteousness because will do mercy to his people and he will comfort the humble of his people. 14. But Zion said, The Lord has left me and the Lord has forgotten me. 15. A woman will not forget her child so as not to have mercy on the child born from her womb and even if a woman might forget these but I will not forget you says the Lord. 16. Behold I have engraved your walls on my hand and they are always there before me. 17. And you shall be swiftly built up by those by whom you were taken down and those laying you waste shall pass on from you. 18. Lift up your eyes around and behold all. Behold they are gathered together and the come to you. As I live says the Lord, That you shall clothe yourself with all of them and you shall surround them like a bride's adornment. (The last two words are in the form of a Hebrew construct not found in Greek which illustrates incompetency on the part of the translator.) 19. Because your desolate and ruined and fallen down places shall now be too narrow for the those dwelling there and the ones destroying you shall be removed far from you. 20. For the sons whom you have destroyed shall say into your ear, The place is too narrow for me, make me a place so that I will dwell there. 21. And you shall say in your heart, Who has begotten these to me and I am a widow and childless and who has reared these for me? And I was left alone, but where were these mine. 22. Thus says the Lord, I will lift up my hand to the gentiles and I will lift up my sign to the islands and they shall lead your sons in their bosom and they shall carry your daughters on their shoulders. 23. And kings shall be your nurses and queens your nurses and they shall worship you on the face of the earth and they shall lick up the dust of your feet and you shall know that I am the Lord and you shall not be ashamed. 24. No one will take spoils from a giant, and if anyone will take a man captive unrighteously shall he be saved? 25. Thus says the Lord, If anyone will take a giant captive he shall take spoils and receiving from the strong he shall be saved. And I will judge your judgment and I will rescue your sons. 26. And the ones troubling you shall eat their flesh and as new wine drink their blood and all flesh shall be drunk and able to understand that I am the Lord who is rescuing you and the one upholding the strength of Jacob.

Isaiah 50. 1. Thus says the Lord, Which is the scroll of your mothers divorcement with which I sent her out? Or to which debtor have I sold you? Behold you have been sold for your sins and I have put your mother away for her lawlessness. 2. Why did I come and there was no man? Why did I call and there was no hearer? Is not my hand strong enough to redeem? Am I not strong enough to remove? Behold by my threatening I will make the sea desolate and the fish are dried up because there is no water and they die from thirst. 3. And I will clothe the heaven with darkness and I clothe around it as with sack cloth. 4. The Lord is giving me the tongue of instruction in order to know when it is necessary to speak a word. He has given it to me early. He has given me an ear to hear. 5. And the instruction of the Lord opens my ears and I do not threaten nor speak in opposition. 6. I have given my back to flogging and my jaw to the whip and I did not turn my face from the shame of spitting. 7. And the Lord has become my helper, therefore I was not ashamed but I set my face as a solid rock and I knew that I would not be dishonored. 8. Because the one justifying me is coming near. Who is the one judging me? Let him stand against me together and who is the one judging me? Let him come near me. 9. Behold, the Lord is my helper, who shall harm me? Behold all of you shall grow old like a garment and then a moth shall eat you. 10. Who among you is fearing the Lord. Let him hear the voice of his servant. There is not light to the one walking in darkness. Trust in the name of the Lord and be firmly set in God. 11. Behold, all of you ignite a fire and you are able to control a flame; walk in the light of your fire and the flame which you have ignited. These things have come to you through me. You shall lie down in sadness.

Isaiah 51. 1. Listen to me you who are pursuing righteousness and seeking the Lord, look up on the solid rock which you have hewn and to the hole of the pit which you have dug. (Compare this last phrase with the received text to illustrate inept translating.) 2. Look up to Abraham your father and to Sarah who suffered birth pains for you. Because he was by himself and I called him and blessed him and loved him and caused him to increase. 3. And now Zion I will encourage you and I have comforted all her desolate places and I will make her desolate places like the paradise of the Lord. They shall find gladness and joy exultation and the voice of praise in it. 4. Hear me hear me my people and the kings listen carefully to me because a law will go out from me and my judgment shall be a light for the gentiles. 5. My righteousness is swiftly coming near and my salvation shall go out as a light and the gentiles shall hope in my Arm. The islands shall endure for me and they shall hope in my Arm. 6. Lift your eyes up to the heavens and look down into the earth because the heaven has been dimmed like smoke and the earth has grown old like a garment and the inhabitants of the earth shall die just as these and my salvation shall be forever and my righteousness will not fail. 7. Listen to me those understanding judgment, my people who have my law in their hearts do not fear the insults of men and do not be over powered by their contempt. 8. For just like a garment they shall be consumed by time and they shall be like wool eaten by moths but my righteousness shall be forever and my salvation from generation to generation. 9. Rise up, Rise up O Jerusalem and clothe your arm with strength. Rise up as in the beginning of days as an eternal nation Are you not 10. the desolate sea? A multitude of deep water? The one making the depth of the sea a road of passing over for the redeemed 11. and the ransomed? For by the Lord they shall return and come into Zion with gladness and eternal joy for they shall receive upon their heads gladness and joy and praise. Sadness and worry and groaning have gone away. 12. I AM (ego eimi) I AM (ego eimi) the one comforting you, Know who you are reverencing; you are afraid of mortal man and of the son of man who is like dried up grass. 13. And you neglect God, the one who has made you, the one who made the heaven and laid the foundation of the earth. And you were always afraid of the days in the presence of the fury of the one troubling you for which cause he counseled to take you up; and now where is the fury of the one troubling you? 14. For in your being saved he will not stand or be late. 15. Because I am your God who stirs up the sea and the noise of her waves. The Lord of hosts is my name. 16. I put my word into your mouth and I shelter you under the shadow of my hand with which I maintain the heaven and laid the foundation of the earth and he shall say to Zion, You are my people. 17. Rise up, Rise up, stand O Jerusalem you who drank the cup of fury out of the hand of the Lord. For you drained and emptied the cup of the fist of the fury of calamity. 18. And there was no one of all your children to comfort you of whom you gave birth. And there was no one taking hold of your hand, neither from your sons whom you raised up. 19. Two things are against you. Who will sympathize with you? Corpses and destruction and famine and sword. Who will comfort you? 20. And your confused sons who sleep at the utmost exits of every street like half baked vegetables. Those full of the fury of the Lord are set free by the Lord God. 21. Therefore hear you humbled and drunken one but not from wine. 22. Thus says the Lord God the one who created his people 22. Behold I have taken the cup of destruction out of your hand, the container of fury. You shall not drink out of it again. 23. And I will cast it into the hands of those acting unjustly to you and the ones who have humbled you; the ones who said to your soil bow down so that we may pass over and you put your back equal to the outside ground for those passing over.

Isaiah 52. 1. Rise up, Rise up O Zion. Clothe yourself with strength O Zion and clothe yourself with glory Jerusalem, the holy city. The uncircumcised and unclean shall no longer pass through you. 2. Shake off the dust and stand up. Sit down O Jerusalem. Take off the chains from your neck, O captive daughter of Zion. 3. Because thus says the Lord, You have been sold for nothing and you will not be redeemed with silver. 4. Thus says the Lord, My people went down into Egypt at the first to sojourn there and they were violently carried away into Assyria. 5. And now why are you here? Thus says the Lord, Because my people were taken without price; Marvel and cry aloud thus says the Lord. It is through you that all my name is blasphemed among the Gentiles. 6. Therefore my people shall know my name in that day because I AM (ego eimi) he, the one speaking. I am present 7. as an event upon the mountains as the feet of one announcing glad tidings of peace as one announcing glad tidings of good because I shall make your salvation to be heard saying O Zion your God shall reign. 8. Because the voice of those guarding you has been raised on high and the voice is made glad at the same time because they shall see eye to eye when ever the Lord shows mercy to Zion. 9. Let the desolate places of Jerusalem break out with joyfulness together because the Lord has shown mercy to her and he has redeemed Jerusalem. 10 And the Lord will uncover his holy Arm in the presence of all of the gentiles and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation that is with God. 11. Depart, depart, go out from there and do not touch the unclean thing Go out from the midst of her, let those bearing the vessels of the Lord become separated. 12. Because you will not be brought out with violence nor will you go out by fleeing for the Lord will go before you and he who gathers you is the Lord God of Israel.

13. Behold my child shall understand and be exalted and he shall be exceedingly glorified. 14. There are many who shall be astonished at you, thus your appearance to be held in no glory from men and your glory shall not be honored by men. 15. Thus many nations shall marvel at him and kings shall shut their mouths at him because those not having a report about him shall see and those not having heard shall understand.

Isaiah 53. 1. Lord who has believed our report and to whom has the Arm of the Lord been revealed. 2. We announced before him as of a child as a root in a thirsty land. There is no form to him nor glory when we see him and he has neither form nor beauty 3. But his form is without honor lacking less than all men being wounded and bearing forms of sicknesses because his face is turned from us. He was treated shamefully and was not treated reasonably. 4. Thus he bore our sins and concerning our suffering and we reconned him to be in pain and in sickness and in injury. 5. But he was wounded because of our lawlessness and bruised because of our sins and the discipline of our peace was upon him. With his wounds we have been healed. 6. All of us have been deceived like sheep. Man has been deceived in his path and the Lord has laid on him our sins. 7. And he in the evil treatment did not open his mouth. He was led as a sheep to slaughter and as a lamb before his shearer was mute and thus did not open his mouth. 8. In his humility his judgment was taken away and who shall fully tell his generation because his life is taken from the earth. Because of the lawlessness of my people he was led into death. 9. And I will give the wicked against his burial place and the rich against his death because he did no lawlessness nor was treachery found in his mouth. 10. And the Lord desires to cleanse him of the plague. If he would give his soul for sins he shall see his seed increase. And the Lord desires to take away 11. from the pain of his soul to make known to him light and to fashion understanding and to make right the righteous who is serving many well and he is bearing their sins. 12. Therefore he inherits multitudes and he divides the spoils of the strong because his soul was handed over to death because he was considered to be among the lawless and he bore the sins of many and he was betrayed because of their sins.

Isaiah 54. 1. Rejoice O barren who does not bear children; cry out and shout you not having birth pains because many more are the children of the desolate than the one having a husband, for the Lord has spoken. 2. Widen the place of your tent and your chambers; erect; do not spare, lengthen your ropes and strengthen your pegs. 3. Stretch out yet to the left and to the right for your seed shall inherit the gentiles and you shall inhabit the abandoned cities. 4. Fear not because you have been shamed neither be ashamed because you have been insulted for you shall forget your everlasting shame and disgrace of your widowhood; you will not remember it. 5. Because the Lord who is making you, Lord of hosts is his name and the one redeeming you; he is the God of 6. Israel; he shall be called by all of the earth. 6. The Lord has not called you like an abandoned or discouraged woman neither as a youthful hated woman says your God. 7. I left you for a short time and with mercies I will show great mercy to you. 8. I turned my face from you in a little fury but I will show mercy to you with eternal mercies says the Lord who has redeemed you. 9. From the waters upon Noah this is my plan. Because I made an oath to him at that time for the earth that I would not be angry with you any longer nor would he threaten you. 10. The mountains will not be removed nor the hills cease to be, so neither will the mercy that is with me nor the covenant of your peace fail you; It will not be removed, says the Lord who has mercy on you. 11. You have not been called humbled and uncontrolled; behold I have prepared for you your stone of coal and your foundation sapphires. 12. And I will make your battlements jasper and your gates crystal and your encirclement chosen stones. 13. And all your sons shall be taught of God and all your children shall be in great peace. 14. And you shall be housed in righteousness and you shall be far away from the unrighteous and not be afraid and trembling will not be near you. 15. Behold proselytes will be proselyted to you by me and they shall flee to you for refuge. 16. Behold I have created you not as a metal worker blowing coals and bringing out a vessel for work and I have not created you for destruction and harm. 17. I will not allow any perishable vessel against you to prosper and every voice that shall stand up against you in judgment, you shall overcome them all. And your rams shall be overcome. There is an inheritance for those serving the Lord and you shall be my righteous ones says the Lord.

Isaiah 55. 1. O thirsty ones walk to the water and many as do not have silver, come buy wine and fat and drink without silver and price. 2. Why do you set a price with silver and your labor for that which does not satisfy. Listen to me and you will eat the good and your soul will luxuriate in good things. 3. Let your ears consider and devote yourself to my ways. Listen to me and your soul shall live in good things and I will prepare for you an eternal covenant, the faithful holy things of David. 4. Behold I have given him as a witness to the gentiles, a ruler and a commander of the gentiles. 5. Nations which did not know you shall call upon you and peoples who did not understand you and take refuge with you because of your God the holy one of Israel because he glorifies you. 6. Seek the Lord and when you find him call to him and when he draws near to you 7. Let the ungodly abandon his way and the lawless man those advising him and let him return to the Lord and he will have mercy because he will forgive many their sins, for my counsels are not as your counsels nor are your ways as my ways says the Lord. 9. But as the heaven is far away from the earth thus is my way far away from your way and your thoughts from my thoughts. 10. For as the rain or snow comes down out of heaven and does not return until it saturates the earth and it shall bring forth and sprout and it has given seed to the sower and bread for eating. 11. Thus shall my word be, that which goes out of my mouth will not return until it shall complete as much as I have willed and I will make your ways and my commands to prosper. 12. For you shall go out with joy and you shall be taught with gladness for the mountains and the hills shall jump up to welcome you with joy and all the trees of the field shall shake their branches. 13. And instead of the briar the cypress shall come up and instead of the smelly weed the myrtle shall come up and the Lord shall be for a name and an eternal sign and he will not leave you.

Isaiah 56. 1. Thus says the Lord, Keep justice and do righteousness for my salvation has come near to be present and my mercy has been revealed. 2. Blessed is the man doing these things and the man who holds on to them and is keeping the sabbaths not defiling them and his hands avoiding to do unrighteousness. 3. Do not let the foreigner who attaches himself to the Lord say, He excluded me from his people and do not let the eunuch say that I am a dry tree 4. Thus says the Lord to the eunuchs, As many as may be keeping my sabbath and choosing that which I will and are holding onto my covenant. 5. I will put them into my house and within my walls a better named place of sons and daughters. I will give them an eternal name and I will not leave them. 6. And the foreigners, the ones clinging to the Lord to serve him and love the name of the Lord being a male servant to him and a female servant and all of those not defiling my sabbaths and holding onto my covenant. 7. I will lead them into my holy mountain and I will make them glad in my house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be pleasing upon my altar For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations. 8. Says the Lord, the one gathering the diaspora of Israel because I will gather him a synagogue. 9. All the animals of the field, come eat here all the animals of the forest . 10. See that all have been blinded they have not known to reason, they are all dumb dogs, they are not able to bark, having sexual (koite:n = coitus) dreams, loving to slumber. 11. They are, to the very soul, insatiable dogs not knowing gratification and they are evil having no understanding, all of them have been cut short in their own ways.

Isaiah 57. 1. Behold how the righteous perishes and no one takes it to heart and a righteous man is taken away and no one considers it; for the righteous is taken from the presence of injustice. 2. His burial shall be in peace. He is taken out of the midst. 3. But approach here, O lawless sons, seed of the adulterer and fornicator. 4. With whom have you been carousing? And against whom have you opened your mouth and against whom have you let down your tongue? Are you not children of destruction, a lawless seed? 5. The ones calling on idols under leafed trees, slaughtering their children in the ravines in the midst of the rocks. 6. That is your portion, this is your possession and you have poured out drink offerings and then you have brought animal sacrifices. From these should I not be extremely angry. 7. Upon a high and lofty mountain there you had fornication, there you lifted up your sacrifices 8. And behind the stable doors you put your memorials. Did you think that if you left me you would have somewhat more? You have loved those sleeping with you. 9. And you increased your fornication with them and you have multiplied those that are far away from you and you have sent officials beyond your region and you have turned and been lowered as far as Hades. 10. You have become tired with your many ways and have not said, I will stop to be strengthened because I have done these things. Therefore you have not bowed down to me. 11. By whom have you been awed that you have been afraid and you deceived me and did not remember me, neither took me into your mind nor into your heart, and beholding you I take note and you have not feared me. 12. And I proclaimed my righteousness and your evil which shall not help you. 13. When you shout out let them take you out of your troubles for all these the wind shall take and a rushing storm shall carry off. But those holding onto me shall acquire the earth and inherit my holy mountain. 14. And they shall say clear the ways before his face and take up the pointed stakes out of the way of my people. 15. Thus says the most high Lord the one dwelling in the world above forever. The holy in holies is his name, the highest Lord resting in holiness and giving patience to the overstressed and giving life to the brokenhearted. 16. I will not punish you forever nor for all this will I be angry with you, for the Spirit will go out from me and I have made all breath. 17. I saddened him for a little time because of his sin and I struck him and I turned my face from him and he was made sad and he went on sullen in his ways. 18. I have seen his ways and I healed him and I comforted him and I gave him true comfort. 19. Peace upon peace to those who are far off and to those who are near. And the Lord said, I have healed him. 20. But the unrighteous shall be thus tossed by troubled waves and they shall not be able to cease. 21. There is no joy to the ungodly, says the Lord.

Isaiah 58. 1. Shout in strength and do not spare, lift up your voice like a trumpet and proclaim to my people their sins and to the house of Jacob their lawlessness. 2. They are seeking me day after day and they greatly desire to know my ways as a people doing righteousness and having not abandoned the judgment of their God. They ask me now of righteous judgment and they desire to draw near to God. 3. Saying why have we fasted? And you do not pay attention. We have humbled our souls and you did not know it. For in the days of your fasts you find your own desires and all of them are under your power. You sting. 4. If you fast for argument and clashes and you strike the humble with a fist; Why then do you fast to me as a sign to be heard in the weeping of your voice. 5. I have not chosen this fast and a day for man to humble his soul. Nor if you would you bow your neck as a (control) ring and spread under sack cloth and ashes neither shall you call this a proper fast. 6. Have I chosen this kind of fast says the Lord, but loose every unrighteous bond. Scatter the violent squeezing covenants send pardons to the oppressed and tear apart all unrighteous written contracts. 7. Break your bread to the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house, if you see one naked clothe him and do not disregard the relatives of your own family. 8. Then shall your voice break out early then your power to heal shall rise swiftly and then shall your righteousness go before you and the glory of God shall clothe you. 9. Shout and the Lord will hear you while you are still speaking, he will say, Behold I am here. If you remove from you binding and pointing and the grumbling word. 10. And you give your bread to the hungry from your soul and fill up the afflicted soul then shall your light rise in the darkness and your darkness shall be as noontime. 11. And God shall be with you through all these things and you shall be filled up just as your soul desires and your bones will be made fat and you shall be as a well-watered garden and as a spring which its water has not failed and your bones shall grow up like a plant and they shall become fat and and they shall inherit from generation to generation. 12. And your ancient desolations shall be built up again and your foundations shall shall be forever from generation to generation. And you shall be called a builder of fences and the paths between shall cease. 13. If you will turn your foot from the sabbath so as not to do your will in the holy day and you call the sabbath a delight holy to your God not lifting your foot to do work nor saying a word out of your mouth in anger. 14. But you shall be trusting on the Lord and he shal pull you up on the good of the land and he shall feed you with the inheritance of Jacob your father for the mouth of the Lord has spoken these things.

Isaiah 59. 1. Is not the hand of the Lord strong enough to save? Or is his ear weighted down so that he can not hear? 2. But you sins separate between you and God. And because of your sins he has turned his face from you to not have mercy. 3. for your hands are defiled with blood and your fingers with sin and your speech speaks lawlessness and your tongue dwells on injustice. 4. No one is speaking justly neor is there true judgment; they are persuaded by futility and they are speaking foolishness because they conceive pain and give birth to lawlessness. 5. They bring out asp's eggs and weave spider's webs and he who is about to eat the eggs finds a broken tail and in it a nobleman. (Other attempts at translating the previous verse are equally confused In the original the LXX chose basiliskos “royalty” for asp. It may be chosen because in Egypt the asp was a symbol of royalty. It is thus further evidence of the LXX translation being an interpretive translation.) 6. Their web shall not change into a garment nor will they clothe themselves with their work for their work is a work of lawlessness. 7. And their feet are swift to run to evil to pour out blood and their reasonings are foolish reasonings; destruction 8. and hardship are in their ways. 8. And they have not known the way of peace and there is no justice in their ways. Because the path by which they travel has been perverted and they have not known peace. 9. Therefore justice has rebelled from them and they can not acquire righteousness; having stayed behind their light became their darkness. They go on waiting for the dawn at the wrong time. 10. They grope for a wall as blind men and they grope as not possessing eyes. And they fall down at noontime as at midnight; they shall groan like dying men. 11. They shall proceed together like a bear and like a dove (bear is spelled arktos LXX has arkos) We have waited for judgment and there is no salvation, it has departed far away from us. 12. For our lawlessness is great before you and our sins stand against us for our lawlessness is in us and we know our unrighteousness. 13. We have been ungodly and we have lied and we have rebelled away from our God, we have spoken injustice and we have disobeyed. We have conceived and plotted from our heart unrighteous justice. 14. We have forced justice behind and we have sent righteousness far away because truth is consumed in their ways and they are not able to go through a straight path. 15. And truth has been taken out and they have changed their mind from understanding and the Lord saw it and he was not pleased because there was no justice. 16. And he looked and there was no man and he considered and there was no one to assist and he defended them with his Arm and he strengthened them with his mercy. 17. And he clothed himself with righteousness as a breastplate and he assigned the helmet of salvation upon the head and he clothed himself with the garment and cloak of justice. 18. As one paying back, he paid back disgrace to the hostile. 19, Those from the west shall fear the name of the Lord and those from the rising of the sun his glorious name. 20. And the redeemer shall lead them for Zion's sake and he shall turn away the ungodly from Jacob. 21. For this is my covenant for them says the Lord, My Spirit which is on you and the words which I put in your mouth shall not depart out of your mouth and out of the mouth of your seed says the Lord, from now and into eternity.

Isaiah 60. 1. Shine, shine O Jerusalem for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you 2. Behold blackness and darkness shall cover the earth and on the nations but the Lord shall shine upon you and his glory shall be seen upon you. 3. And kings shall come to your light and nations to your brightness. 4. Lift up your eyes around you and behold your children have been gathered together, behold all your sons arrive from far off and your daughters shall be borne on mens' shoulders. 5. Then look and fear and be amazed in your heart because he shall cast the riches of the sea and nations and peoples into you and they shall come to you. 6. Herds of camels and the camels of Midian and Ephah shall cover you and all out of Sheba shall come to you bearing gold and they shall be carrying frankincense and they shall proclaim the salvation of the Lord. 7. And all the sheep of Kedar shall be gathered to you and the rams of Nebaioth shall come to you and pleasing offerings shall be offered on my altar of sacrifice and my house of prayer shall be glorified. 8. Who are these flying as clouds and as doves with their young. 9. The islands have endured for me and the ships of Carthage are first bringing your children from afar and the silver and the gold with them because of the name of the holy Lord and because the name of the holy one of Israel is glorified. 10. And foreigners shall build your walls and kings shall provide for you for through my wrath I struck you but because of mercy I shall cause you to live. 11. And your gates shall always be open; they shall not be closed day and night; bringing to you the power of the gentiles and their kings carried as captives. 12. For the nations and the kings who will not serve you shall come to destruction and the nations shall become an abandoned desert. 13. For the glory of Lebanon shall come to you together with cyprus and pine and cedar to glorify my holy place. 14. And the sons of those humbling and provoking you shall come to you in fear and you shall be called the city of the Lord, Zion, the holy one of Israel. 15. Because you had become abandoned and hated and there was no one helping then I shall make you gladness forever, joy from generation to generation. 16. And you shall suck the milk of the gentiles and devour the wealth of kings and you shall know that I am the Lord who is saving you and the one lifting you out, the God of Israel. 17. And as opposed to brass I will bring you gold and for iron I will bring you silver and for wood I will bring you bronze and instead of stone iron. And I will place your rulers in peace and your overseers in righteousness. 18. And they shall not hear injustice in your land nor destruction nor hardship in your regions. But your wall will be called salvation and your gates art-work. 19. And the son shall not be for light by day for you nor shall the rising of the moon shine on you at night but the Lord shall be your eternal light and God your glory. 20 For the sun will not go down and the moon will not fail you for the Lord shall be an eternal light for you. 21. And your people shall all be righteous and they shall inherit the earth forever, keeping that which they have planted, the works of their hands for glory. 22. The least shall become thousands and the small ones a great nation. I the Lord will gather them after a time.

Isaiah 61. 1. The spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me. He has sent me to preach the gospel to the poor, to heal the brokenhearted, to announce pardon to the captives and sight to the blind. 2. To announce the acceptable year of the Lord and the day of recompense and to comfort all those in mourning. 3. To give to those mourning in Zion glory instead of ashes the oil of joy for the mourners, the garment of glory instead of the spirit of heaviness and they shall be called the generation of righteousness, the Lord's plant for glory. 4. And they shall build the ancient desolate places, raising up the first they shall beget and they shall renew desolate cities, raising up those which have been desolate for generations. 5. And foreigners shall come shepherding your sheep and foreigners shall be plowmen and vine dressers. 6. And you shall be called priests of the Lord, special servants of God and you shall eat the strength of the nations and you shall be amazed in their wealth. 7. Thus they shall inherit the land a second time and everlasting joy shall be upon their heads. 8. For I AM (ego eimi) the Lord the one loving righteousness and hating rapine from injustice and I will give their labor to the righteous and I will make an eternal covenant with them. 9. And their seed and their descendants shall be known among the gentiles. Every one seeing them shall know about them because they are the seed having been blessed by God. 10. And they shall be extremely joyful in the Lord (Hebrew idiom: doubling the same word for emphasis) Let my soul rejoice in the Lord for he has clothed me with the garment of salvation and with a tunic of joy. He has wrapped me with a turban as a bridegroom and as a bride he has adorned me with cosmetics. 11. And as the earth growing her flowers and as a garden its seeds so shall the Lord raise up righteousness and joy in the presence of all the gentiles.

Isaiah 62. 1. For Zion I will not be silent and for Jerusalem I will not sorrow until my righteousness goes forth as light and my salvation as a burning lamp. 2. And the gentiles shall see your righteousness and kings your glory and he shall call you your new name which name the Lord shall name. 3. And you shall be a beautiful crown in the hand of the Lord and a kingly diadem in the had of your God. 4. And you shall no longer be called Bereft and your land shall not be called Desolate for you shall be called My Desire and your land Inhabited. 5. And as virgin youths living together, so shall your sons live with you and it shall be in what way a bridegroom rejoices upon his bride just so will the Lord rejoice upon you. 6. And on your walls O Jerusalem I will stand watchmen all day and all night, who will not be silent always remembering the Lord. 7. For there is no one similar to you, if you set the record straight and you make Jerusalem proud upon the earth. 8. The Lord has sworn with his right hand and with the strength of his Arm (ei eti must be an idiom meaning no longer) I will no longer give your wheat and provisions to your enemies and sons of foreigners will no longer drink your wine upon which you have labored. 9. But the gatherers shall eat them and they shall praise the Lord and the gatherers shall drink them in my holy dwelling. 10. Go through my gates and prepare a way for my people and cast out the stones that are in the road, raise up a signal for the gentiles. 11. For behold the Lord has made an announcement to the uttermost end of the earth, say to the daughter of Zion, Behold the Savior is at hand having his reward and his work before his face. 12. And he shall call them the holy people, the redeemed of the Lord and you shall be called a sought out city and not forsaken.

Isaiah 63. 1. Who is this coming out of Edom, with red garments out of Bosrah thus beautiful in a long robe with violent strength. I am conversing about righteousness and saving judgment. 2. But why are your clothes red and your garments as from a trodden winepress? 3. Full of treading and there is not a man with me from the nations and I have trampled them in fury and I pressed them down like the earth brought down their blood into the earth. 4. For the day of reconning is brought upon them and the year of liberation has come. 5. And I looked and there was no helper and I perceived beside that there was no one sharing and my Arm redeemed them. (there may be evidence of Hebrew plural of majesty in “3pl They” ending in redeemed. The Isaiah Targum also recognizes Arm as messianic) and my anger stood. 6. And I trampled them in my rage and I brought their blood into the ground. 7. I was reminded of the mercy of the Lord and of the virtue of the Lord in all ways with which the Lord pays us back, a Lord of true justice to the house of Israel, He brings things upon us according to his mercy and according to the fullness of his righteousness. 8. And he said, They are not my people; let them not be rebellious children. And he became their savior 9. out of much trouble. Not an Elder nor an angel but the Lord himself saved them because he loved them and was sparing them. 10. He himself redeemed them and he carried them and he will exalt them all the days of eternity. 10. And they disobeyed and they provoked his Holy Spirit and he turned them into a hated enemy. And he himself fought against them. 11. And he remembered the ancient day. The one having brought up out of the earth the shepherd of the sheep. Where is the one who put in them the Holy Spirit? 12. The one who led Moses with his right hand, The Arm of his glory? (again a messianic interpretation like the Targum) He forced the water from before his face to make for him an everlasting name. 13. He led them through the abyss as a horse through the desert and they were not tired. 14. And as a beast of burden through a plain. The Spirit came down from the Lord and he guided them. Thus he led his people making for himself a glorious name. 15. Turn from heaven and behold out of your glory and your holy house. Where is your zeal and your power. Where is the fulness of your mercy and your compassion that you have held us in. 16. For you are our father though Abraham has not known us and Israel has not acknowledged us but you O Lord are our father. Redeem us; your name is on us from the beginning. 17. Who had deceived us O Lord from your way? You made our hearts stubborn so as not to fear you. Return on behalf of your servants, on behalf of the tribes of your inheritance 18. So that we might inherit a small amount of your holy mountain. We have trampled on your holiness. (Verse 18 is completely different from the masoretic text which contains a prediction of the destruction of the temple. The destruction is not omitted in verse 11 in the next chapter.) 19. We have known you from the beginning when you did not rule over us, nor was your name called on us. (The last 11 words in this verse are actually the first words of the next chapter.)

Isaiah 64. 1. If you would open heaven, trembling from your mountains would take hold of us as wax melts before a fire. And the fire shall burn up the hostile ones and the name of the Lord shall be manifested among the hostile enemies. From your presence the gentiles shall be distressed. 2. When ever you may work gloriously trembling shall take hold from the mountains 3. From ancient time we have not heard nor have our eyes seen, except you O God, and the works which you will do for those who are waiting for mercy. 4. For this will happen to those doing righteousness and your ways will be remembered. Behold you were angry and we have sinned and in this we have been deceived. 5. And all of us have become as unclean as a patch restoring all of our righteousness and we are shedding as leaves on account of our lawlessness, thus the wind carries us. 6. And there is none calling your name or the one remembering to take hold of you because you have turned your face from us because of our sins. 7. And now O Lord you are our father and we are the clay, all of us the work of your hands. 8. Do not be exceedingly angry with us and do not remember our sins for a long time and now look on us for we are all your people. 9. Your holy city has become a waste, Zion has become like a desert, Jerusalem a curse. 10. Our holy house and the glory which our fathers have blessed has been burned with fire and all the glory has collapsed. 11. And for all these things you have held yourself back amd you have been silent and you have brought us very low.

Isaiah 65. 1. I became visible to those who were not seeking me. I was found by those not asking about me. I said, Behold I am to a nation which has not called my name. 2. I have stretched out my had all day to a disobeying and opposing people who have not walked in the way of truth but after their sins. 3. This is the people always provoking me in my presence. They are offering sacrifices in gardens and they burn incense on bricks to demons who do not exist. 4. And they sleep in graves and caves for dreams. They are eating swine flesh and the black broth of their sacrifices, having defiled all their vessels. 5. The ones saying, Be far from me. Do not come near me because I am clean. These are the smoke of my fury, a fire burning in them every day. 6. Behold it is written in my presence, I will not b silent until I have repaid into their laps. 7. Their's and their father's sins, says the Lord. The ones offering incense on the mountains and hills insult me. I will repay their works into their laps. 8. Thus says the Lord, In what way the cleft is found in the grapes and they shall say do not destroy it because a blessing of the Lord is in it, thus I will do for the sake of the one serving me I will not destroy all of them. 9. And I will lead out the seed coming out of Jacob and out of Judah and he shall inherit my holy mountains. And my elect and my servants shall inherit and they shall dwell there. 10. And there shall be folds of shepherds in the forest and the plain of Achor shall be a resting place for herds for my people who have sought me. 11. And you who have forsaken me and neglected my holy mountains and marveled at demons' meals and fill up the swift horn. 12. I will deliver you to the sword and you will fall down in slaughter for I called and you did not listen, I spoke and you refused to obey and you did evil in front of me and what I did not desire you selected. 13. Therefore thus says the Lord, Behold the ones serving me shall eat, but you will be hungry. Behold the ones serving me shall drink but you shall be thirsty, behold the ones serving me shall be made glad but you shall be ashamed. 14. Behold the ones serving me shall be happy in joyfulness but you shall have cried out because of the pain in your heart and you shall cry out from a troubled spirit. 15. For you shall leave your name for for a filling for my chosen but the Lord will kill you. But he will call the ones serving him by a new name. 16. Who shall be blessed in the earth for they shall bless the true God; and those swearing on the earth shall swear by the true God for they shall leave their first troubles and shall not lay them on the heart. 17. For there shall be a new heaven and a new earth and they shall not remember the first things, it will not even come on their heart. 18. But they shall find gladness and joy in her for behold I make Jerusalem happiness and my people joyfulness. 19. And I will rejoice in Jerusalem and be glad among my people. And the voice of weeping shall no longer be heard in her. 20. And old age and the elderly shall not be there. He who does not fill out his time for the youth shall be one hundred years old but the sinner dying at one hundred years shall be accursed. 21. And they shall build houses and inhabit them themselves and they shall plant vineyards and eat their fruit themselves 22. They shall not build and others inhabit and they shall not plant and another eat. For as the days of a tree so the life of the days of my people shall be. The work of their labor shall be lasting. 23. And my elect shall not labor in vain neither shall they bear children for a curse because they are a seed blessed by God and their offspring shall be blessed with them. 24. And it shall be, before they cry I shall hear them and while they are yet speaking I will say, What is it? 25. Then the wolf and the lamb shall feed together and the lion and the Ox shall eat grass and the serpent shall eat earth as bread and they shall not hurt nor injure upon my holy mountain, says the Lord.

Isaiah 66. 1.Thus says the Lord, Heaven is my throne and the earth is the footstool of my feet. What kind of house will you build for me? And what sort will be the place of my rest? 2. For things my hand has made all these and all these things are mine, says the Lord. And to whom will I look up to but upon the humble and quiet and the one trembling at my words. 3. But the lawless one sacrificing a calf to me is as one killing a dog and the one bearing fine flour as swines blood, the one giving Frankenstein for a memorial as blasphemous, for they have chosen their own ways and abominations which their soul desired. 4. And I will choose their delusions and I will repay their sins to them because I called they and they did not listen to me, I spoke and they did not hear and they did evil in my presence and they chose that which I was not desiring. 5. Hear the word of the Lord you who are trembling at his word, Speak, our brothers, to the ones hating you and committing abominations so that the name of the Lord might be glorified and might be seen in their joy and then they may be ashamed. 6. A voice crying out of the cities, a voice out of the temple, a voice of the Lord repaying; repaying those moving against him 7. Before she bore children, before the pain of bearing came she brought forth a man child. Who has heard of such like and who has seen this. Or has the earth borne in one day? Or a nation been born at once? Because Zion has travailed and given birth to her child. 9. And I have given this expectation but you have not remembered me says the Lord. Behold, am I not giving birth and I made the barren, says God? 10. Be joyful O Jerusalem and all the ones living her celebrate with her. Be full of joy (Hebraism: joy joy ) all as many as mourn for her. 11. So that you might nurse so that you might be filled from the breasts of her consolation, so that you might nurse out reveling from her coming glory. 12. Because thus says the Lord, Behold I am turning to them as a river of peace as swollen by rain over flowing with the glory of the gentiles, she shall be bearing her children on her shoulders and they shall be comforted on her knee. 13. As if when any mother comforts so also I will comfort you and you shall be comforted in Jerusalem. 14. And you shall look and your heart shall rejoice and your bones shall grow like plants and the hand of the Lord shall know those worshiping him and he shall threaten the disobedient. 15. For behold the Lord is coming as a fire and his chariot like a storm rushing in to give justice in fury and rebuke in a flame of fire. 16. For in the fire of the Lord he shall judge all the earth and all flesh with his sword. Many shall be wounded by the Lord. 17. Those purifying themselves and cleansing themselves in gardens and thresholds eating swine flesh and the abominations and the mouse shall be destroyed together with them. 18. And I know their works and their imagination. I am going to gather all nations and languages and they shall come and see my glory. 19. And I will leave a sign on them and I will send them out having been saved to the gentiles, to Tarsis and Lydia and Moscow and Tobolsk and Greece and to the islands far away; to those who have not heard my name nor have seen my glory and they shall proclaim my glory among the gentiles. 20. And they shall bring your brothers out of all the gentiles a gift to the Lord with horses and chariots, on litters and asses with shades into the holy city of Jerusalem says the Lord. As though the sons of Israel would carry their sacrifices with psalms in to the house of the Lord. 21. And I will take priests and Levites from them says the Lord. 22. For the new heaven and the new earth which I will make will remain before me says the Lord. Thus I will establish your seed and your name. 23. And it shall be that month after month and sabbath after sabbath all flesh shall come before me to pray in Jerusalem says the Lord. 24. And they shall go out and see the corpses of those men disobeying me, for their maggot does not die and their fire is not extinguished and they shall be a sight for all flesh.