Chapter 58

How we must Rest in God Alone above all Things

THE DISCIPLE. Above all things and in all things rest always in the Lord, 0 my soul, for He is the everlasting rest of the Saints.

A Prayer

Grant me, most dear and loving Jesus, to rest in You above created things;(Rom.8:19) above health and beauty, above all glory and honour; above all power and dignity, above all knowledge and skill ; above all fame and praise, above all sweetness and consolation; above all hope and promise, above all merit and desire ; above all gifts and favours that You can bestow and shower upon us; above all joy and jubilation that the mind can conceive and know ; above Angels and Archangels and all the hosts of Heaven; above all things visible and invisible ; and above everything that is not Yourself, 0 my God.

0 Lord my God, You transcend all things ; You alone are most high, most mighty, most sufficient and complete, most sweet and comforting. You alone are most full of beauty and glory, in Whom all good things in their perfection exist, both now and ever have been, and ever will be. All, therefore, is too small and unsatisfying that You can give me beside Yourself, or that You can reveal and promise me of Yourself unless I can see and fully possess You. For my heart cannot rest nor be wholly content until it rests in You, rising above all Your gifts and creatures.

O Lord Jesus Christ, spouse of the soul, lover of purity, and Lord of creation, who will give me wings of perfect liberty, that I may fly to You, (Ps.55:63)and be at rest? When shall I be set free, and taste Your sweetness, 0 Lord my God? When shall I become recollected in You, that for love of You I may no longer be conscious of myself, but of You alone in a manner not known to all men, and above all perception and measure? But now I mourn and bear my unhappy lot with grief, for many evils happen in this vale of sorrows, which often disturb, sadden and darken my path. They often hinder and distract, entice, and entangle me, so that I cannot approach You freely, nor yet enjoy the sweet embrace which You prepare for the souls of the blessed.

O Jesus, Brightness of eternal glory and comfort of the pilgrim soul, hear my cry, and regard my utter desolation. Words fail me in Your presence; let my silence speak for me. How long will my Lord delay His coming? Come to me, Lord, poor and little as I am, and bring me joy. Stretch out Your hand, and deliver me from all my misery and pain. Come, Lord, come, for without You no day or hour is happy; without You my table is without its guest, for You alone are my joy. Sadness is my lot, and I am like a man imprisoned and loaded with chains, until You refresh me with the light of Your presence, and show me Your face as my friend. Let others seek whom they will besides You, but nothing ever can or will give me joy but Yourself alone, my God, my Hope, and my eternal Salvation. I will not keep silent, nor cease from urgent prayer till Your grace returns and my heart leaps at the sound of Your voice.

CHRIST. See, I am here. I have come at your cry. Your tears and your soul's longing, your humiliation and contrition of heart have moved Me to come to you.

THE DISCIPLE. Lord, I have called You and longed for You. I am ready to renounce everything for Your sake, who fast moved me to seek You. Blessed be Your Name, 0 Lord, for Your goodness to Your servant, according to the richness of Your mercies.(Ps.119:65; 106:45)What more can Your servant say, Lord? He can only humble himself entirely in Your presence, ever mindful of his own wickedness and unworthiness. For none can compare with You,(Ps. 86:8) among all the wonders of heaven and earth. All Your works are good, Your judgements are true,(Ps.19:9) and by Your providence are all things ruled. Praise and glory to You, 0 Wisdom of the Father! Let my soul, my lips, and all creation join in Your blessing and Your praise!

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