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The Fred Moeller Family traces their origin in the USA to German immigrants from Hamburg and Quackenbruck near Osnabruck, Germany. Those from Hamburg came as factory workers with Singer Sewing machine company. Those from Quackenbruck became "truck" farmers, first in Long Island on land that is now part of Kennedy airport and later they moved to New Jersey where many still live near Mount Holly and Burlington. Names in this family include Possenreide, Stuckoff, Bishoff, Mollenhoff, Kepler, Moller, Miller and Moeller.

The Hobbs Family

Before and After
Charlotte Hobbs, Milligan College AB cum laude 1952, married Fred P Miller. The names in the Hobbs family go back to pre-revolutionary war settlers. Some are Mohney, Perin, Davis, Barton. The Barton line goes back to the family of Clara Barton of Red Cross fame, Charlotte's father William was an engineer. His and her mother's brothers and sisters were all professional people. The most illustrious was J.C. Hobbs whose inventions are common knowledge to all in the atomic and steam electrical energy spheres of research.

Fred and Charlotte in 2008

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